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01 March 2008

You cooked what?!

This morning I decided to make french toast for my husband. I also know he LOVES fried potatoes, so I made him some of those too. Yes, I cooked fried food. D is not ready to eat super healthy and he still enjoys the comforts of southern cooking. So, when ever I get the whim, I make him up something we used to eat. D, like me, does not have an oober large amount of weight to loose, however, I do want him to start eating a lot more healthy for his sake, and so our future children will grow up eating right. Thankfully Dustin remembered to buy milk last night! I had oats with skim and soy milk, half of a banana and 15 semi sweet chocolate chips (which I REALLY need to stop eating.) Really.. nothing compares to my blueberry oaties. I also had a cup of Prince of Wales tea.

Today my mother and I are going out of town to shop for things I need to make my home renovation complete!!! I cannot wait! I am making curtains for every room in the house and have so far been unsuccessful on my quest for finding beautiful fabric. Maybe I should rephrase that! I've been unsuccessful on finding fabric both me AND D can agree on. Since he is not coming today, I am SURE I'll be able to find just the right fabric! Wish me luck!

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