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15 March 2008

We shopped till we dropped

I did have strawberry oaties by the way. D made them and he topped them with mini chocolate chips! YUM! Shopping for me and D always proves stressful. I want something for nothing and he eventually just wants to settle on something. At last our search for a new comforter set came to and end (this was NEVER high on my priority list but it was on D's). We found a BEAUTIFUL set that we BOTH agreed on (shock). It came with 2 sheet sets, bed skirt, quilt (which I what I wanted) Shams, Euro Shams, and 2 throw pillows (one of which is pictured so you get a feel for the set.)! AND we BOTH like it! Exciting. I am still no closer to finding curtains OR fabric for my living room. I am now thinking of just draping beautiful fabric on rods just to be done.
Lunch Lunch Lunch! We ate at one of our favorite places, Raffert'ys. I ordered The Ultimate Club Sammie with a baked potato and a salad. The sandwich is made with 3 slices of bread, which is just too much so I took a slice off. I also took all that bacon off. In my salad pic you see a little roll too.. D had that for dinner. I split this meal up ya see, I ate 1/2 of the sammie and the salad for lunch and brought the other half and the potato home for dinner. However, D just ate that since I am going out with my parents tonight.
Here's D enjoying his dinner while I type:
Well, I just took a picture of this Luna Bar. Chocolate Pecan Pie. I took one bite and threw it away. It was THAT bad. I no longer praise the Luna Bar. Back to my homemade shakes I go.
Here are some new pictures of my hair cut:
D said my smile looked "fake" in this one, so I took these:

We're not going to RVK tonight.. D has to work so I am going to do something with my parents. We'll see!! Hope you had a great day! See ya after dinner!

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