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12 March 2008


I bet ya'll thought I died didn't you! I did too! Ha! It's been an extremely long day, thus the post starting at 8:30 PM. My wonderful Wednesday started off at the ENT's office at 7:40 in the AM. So obviously I take an audiology test and expected to fail it and find out that I have hearing loss in my left ear. Ooooh the contrary my friends. I have "above average, excellent hearing". Uhm pardon me but WTF?! So I begged to differ and questioned why I couldn't hear anything out my left ear. Yes, I don't hear AS WELL in my left ear as I do my right, but still it's excellent hearing. (of course I was weighed and it was a little hallelujah at the 26 lb loss!) While waiting in the room for the Doctor I was reminded why I used to HATE the ENT as a child. THOSE GIANT POSTERS!! The posters freak me out and make me nervous.. they're even worse at the dentists office. After the doc checks out my sinuses he pressed on my inner jaw and the pain was so unbearable I began to cry. He then pressed on my outter jaw as I creaked open my mouth. He immediately said "Well, I do think you have TMJ, a nice case of TMJ. Which is typically found in young women" Uhm.. What's a "nice case of TMJ?"! ha! Anyway, so now I get to go to the dentist (which I LOATH) in two weeks for an exam and medication and a bite plate. After my sweetie did some research we've found that TMJ is caused my multiple of which being stress. I have been under A LOT of stress recently.. My Sweet Nana passed away, I worry and care for my Papa weekly, D's job, I hate my job, just drama. Anyhow this afternoon I had another "hypo attack" Well.. my sugar was PERFECT... thus I think these are stress induced as well. Not to mention my "sickness" that I've been having.. he says my sinuses are in perfect condition and I didn't need an antibiotic. Kids, I suffer from a bad case of the blues, plain and simple! I need some SUNSHINE! (not literally though because too much sunshine gives me a headache.)
Okay let's talk about food.

BREAKFAST: KASHI CAT FOOD and half of a banana. Now, this wouldn't have been so bad if D hadn't been saying "Gosh, that does look like cat food... yeah you're right it really DOES smell like cat food!" So it was all I had to keep spooning it in my mouth while silently reassuring myself that it indeed was NOT cat food!
LUNCH: REWIND... dinner from last night of course! It was so delish! You remember what it was... the noodles, lemon oil (I am SURE there is a more technical term but if you haven't learned, I kind of have my own language) broccoli, zucchini, and I think only 3 small bites of chicken. I also had a bit more cheese today. I also had my snow cream yogurt and some Uncle Sam's.
SNACKS: My friend Pammie was eating a soft pretzel with cheese so I HAD to have a bite! So good! She joked that I didn't take a picture of it first.. sorry it was just a bite. I also had a Chocolate Raspberry Luna Bar... Okay.. I am now officially not crazy about Luna Bars anymore.. this wasn't very good. Oh well, I can't eat them for a week anyhow! ha! :o)

The Doctor also put me on a soft foods diet so I had to go to the store this afternoon and get soft foods! I found lots of soup and yum yums. Look, if it makes me jaw and ear feel better I AM GAME! I also got my hair cut from my friend Aimee. (not the Aimee I've been talking about-- a different Aimee.)
Sorry I look like poo in the picture, like I said it's been a LONG day and I've been crying. (however, my Aimee 007 made me feel SO much better.. I Aimee 007!)The important part is the hair cut. THANK YOU AIMEE! Dinner.. I bought this soup that I've been wanting for WEEKS. Campbell's butternut squash soup. Horrible. Horrible.. it was too seasoned. So I had noodle soup (in my cutie bowl that made me feel better!) and about 10 multi grain crackers! I also had 1/2 c natural unsweet apple sauce with a little cinnamon. YUM!

Okay guys, Top Chef is on and I am missing it!! Not to mention the fact that my sweet husband who constantly saves my life and keeps me afloat is home. I love you all. Even the ones of you I don't know. :o)


sassy said...

I enjoy your blog. Just wanted to say hi :)

That's rough about the TMJ. Hope it's not too painful and doesn't cause to many problems for you.

Your Grandpa looks so happy it the photo!

steff. said...

Thanks Sassy! I am glad you're reading it. I will live through the TMJ I'm sure. Thanks, my Papa is a sweetheart!