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08 March 2008

Now that's what I call SNOW!

This is the kind of snow in Kentucky where you do not leave the house! We've missed 5 + days of school this winder for "snow" and this is the FIRST legitimate snow day we've had all year. That being said we COULD have gone to school Friday. The diagonal line you see here is not a shadow... it's the snow piled right up to the front of our house! Woah baby! :o) The street is in the white vastness somewhere in there! I love it. It's so nice though I still haven't decided if it's nice to have D here yet!! Ha.ha.ha. No, we're going to get a head start on our HOME RENOVATION today.. which really isn't a renovation at all it's just getting all the loose ends complete around here.
Okay Breakfast! I had the most delicious bowl of oaties today! I wonder how many times a week I say that?? My bowl looks like he is going to over flow! Anywoo.. it was 1 LARGE banana, LOTS of skim + soy because the oats were just drinking up the milk today, cinnalove, and semi sweets. I made the oats added cinnamon, yes.. then I put in half of the banana cut in to rounds then cut in half moons..right.. warmed it up for about 30 seconds, stir, stir, stir stir, and added more soy milk. Then I put in the rest of the banana just cut in rounds and added the semi sweets. YUM! I also had a warm mug of Price of Wales.
Well... I'm gonna motivate the hubster and we're gonna get our bed room complete today! (and clean the house) I really wish we would have rented movies last night :o( Oh well we have plenty on hand. I keep forgetting to let you guys know that I enabled the comments so any joe smoe can comment :o) You no longer have to be a google user.

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