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03 March 2008

You know you have great oatmeal....

...when you can eat it in a hallway filled with middle school kids and still enjoy it's goodness! My oatmeal with blueberries was so creamy delicious this morning!! I don't know how D made them.. what % of skim and soy milk he used. However, with all of the oatie goodness.. my blood sugar still manged to plummet around 9:45. I felt horrible sick and I thought I was going to pass out. I had some kids scrounge up some peppermints for me and LUCKILY we had been given peanut butter crackers in our mailboxes today-- so I ate the peppermints and a few crackers to boost the ole blood sugar. I've had problems like this occasionally for YEARS.. I've taken the horrible Hypoglycemic test 3 times and according to the test I am not hypoglycemic. My whole family is diabetic so my mom has an extra glucose monitor. I am going to start using it to track my sugar and NOT change my diet until I find how what is making my sugar go down. IT happened AGAIN this afternoon, so I ate the rest of those crackers. Through out the day I snacked on 15 almonds.. I just eat one here and there. hankfully I didn't work out this morning. That's what bothers me though.. at least if I had worked out then I would have a better reason for it dropping. when I work out tomorrow-- we'll see how it makes me feel.

On to lunch! I have no pictures because this was 30 mins after my sugar dropped and I forgot.. (plus I am VERY picky about how I fix my food... I have to make all of my sammies fresh and they all make fun of me! lol I also left my camera at home, so it was just my camera phone today..needless to say, I was not in the picture taking mood.) I had... my favorite deli chicken breast on Nature's Own Double Fiber bread, with a smidge of Ken's. I also had green pepper slices, a low fat cheese stick and sugar free black cherry Jell-o... with REAL cool whip! It was yummy.

This afternoon I had a new Luna bar! I loooove the consistency of a Luna bar...however this flavor was not my favorite. I bought 3 new Luna bars at Kroger and today I tried Toasted Nut 'n Cranberry.... def. will not be having that one again!!
Okay.. time to leave the 'ole job and go run errands! I have to go to the allergist for a check up ( and HOPEFULLY he can give me some answers to this blood sugar mess) run to all the 50 grocery stores we shop at and pick up what they were out of last night! I am solo most of the week for dinner so I am sure my menu will change! See ya for dinner!

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