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26 March 2008

Omelet Disaster

I didn't have time to pack a dinner before I left because the cable guy came before D got home. I knew I didn't need to eat a Shoney's so I waited until I got home at 8:45 to fix myself dinner. An omelet sounded soooo yummy. Scrambled eggs were nice too! My omelet broke so I made a little egg (1 egg and 2 egg whites), ham, green onion and cheese scramble. I also had a slice of toast with buttery spread and black raspberry jam! Yum! Right now I am sipping on Yogi Bedtime Tea. I have NEVER had tea with such depth of flavor. I feel like I am tasting wine instead of sipping tea. At first you get the soft aroma and flavor of chamomile, as the beverage hits the back of your tongue, you taste the sweetness of the spearmint. Very yummy AND soothing.
I think I will finish it in my bed :o)
Tomorrow= Dentist!! ahh!! Fingers crossed!!!

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