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22 March 2008

Lunch (& Dinner) on a Saturday!

Today for lunch I was at my parent's house, so I ate Black Forrest Ham for lunch! MmMm Good! I love that ham. I am sure I will be sick of it by the end of the week though. Ham is not my favorite meat. I rarely eat ham actually. So you KNOW this ham is good!! I also had broccoli and pistachio pudding. I put a slice of cheese on my plate but after one bite I decided I didn't want it.

For a snack I had a little peanut butter go cup. I ate on it while watching a few TV shows. Sometimes I hate watching FOOD TV because it makes me HUNGRY!!! Oh well.

I came home from my parent's around 8ish. I was PLANNING to cook meatloaf for us all but after cooking all day I really didn't feel like doing all those meatloaf dishes! D will be excited to have fresh meatloaf for dinner Monday night. Since I didn't feel like cooking, I thought of having a grilled or toasted sammie, but I didn't want all the bread. Finally, I cooked up some pasta and sauteed broccoli for a little pasta dish. When it came to toppings--- I didn't have any! I dressed the pasta in olive oil. Dang!! Just as a I type I realize I had grated fresh parm in the fridge!!! Oh well.. maybe next time. My pasta was oily-- I only ate half of it. No Fear!! Skinny Dippers are here. My desert was a chocolate MINT skinny dipper. Y-U-M. I love these things. They also make ice cream sammies. However... I want to try the Soy Sammies. Maybe next time as well.

I forgot to tell you guys two very important things in yesterday's post! These are things I had in the original post that didn't save, you know. I tried on a DRESS yesterday that fit PERFECTLY that was a size DOWN from what I have been wearing!! There is nothing like shopping to make a girl keep eating good! My Sister-in-law, Jennifer, found out that she's having a GIRL! I looked all day for cute girly clothes, but found nothing that suited my fancy. I like really unique clothes.. but then again I am not buying for me. I love baby clothes. If my cats would wear clothes you better bet I'd dress them! haha! I am happy to have a baby to buy clothes for!! I know Jenn will be happy as well! :o)

Don't kill me guys but I have a long day again tomorrow. I have to be at my destination at 7AM then we're off to Russellville right after church. I will have no internet access until I get home. Who knows when I will get home. Stephanie is ready for these long days to die. Just die.

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