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29 March 2008

The Weekend Arrives

Today is a breakfast sammie kind of day. I have found that on the weekends, I would rather have something other than oatmeal because I actually have the time to fix it! I bought new whole wheat english muffins last night and I wanted to try them. Turkey Bacon, Egg and Cheese all sounded too heavy so I opted for a lighter choice! On another blog I read, she often has jam, peanut butter, and banana on some sort of bread. I've always eaten peanut butter and banana sammies, and since I LOVE my black raspberry jam I decided to give it a whirl! Though DELICIOUS I do have one problem. I put the jam on one side and ther peanut butter on the other. With my bananas in the middle....the jam side just wants to make everything fall apart. If you chose to make this (and when I make it again) the proper assembly should be: Muffin, Jam, Peanut Butter, Bananas, a dab of Peanut Butter, Muffin. :o) I am also sipping on what is quite possibly my favorite tea: Salada Strawberry Orange Green Tea.

I am going to Russellville today to take my Papa to Bowling Green! I am sure we will have fun. With that said, I don't know when I'll be home! Enjoy your Saturday! I know I will enjoy mine.

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