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25 March 2008

A nice clean day!

D was off at the Credit Union today and and the house was beginning to show just how busy we've both been! He cleaned the house today, which I love of course. Tonight I am completing laundry and doing the second load of dishes. Sorry the post is so late. I have a lot of T-shirts to make for this kids at school so that took precedence, then I needed to cook dinner so D could go to work.
Breakfast: Straight up banana oaties! You know how it goes folks.. 3/4 c skim, oats, cinnamon, 1/2 packet splenda, & 1/2 of a banana! Yum, Yum, Yum. Seriously, if you don't begin your day with oats, give it a try just for ONE week.

Lunch: Leftovers! I mean did you really think I'd have ANYTHING different?! Rewind last night: 2 muffins, sauteed broccoli, and brown rice. I also drank 24 oz of water AT lunch, which I rarely do because it makes me feel bloated. Well, I felt sick afterwards of course. I also ate a TON of rice! Big mistake. It was all delicious though!! I was VERY full for the rest of the day. I ate my Chocolate Peppermint Stick luna bar around 2:00 and ate it over 30 minutes. That was my last Luna and I believe it will be my last for a while. I also had 2 T of peanut butter around 4:30.
Dinner: I have NOT been eating enough salads. I used to eat them a few times a week for lunch. Something I am going to change because I love salad. Tonight D and I had grilled chicken salads. We used romaine and spinach. Mine was topped with shredded parm and I dipped it in Ken's Honey Mustard as I ate it. I guesstimate I used roughly 1 T of dressing and 1/2 T of cheese. Spoiler: I am having this for lunch tomorrow! ;o) You probably already guessed that. I might have a yogurt or a skinny dipper in a bit-- It just depends if I am hungry or not. I have been very satisfied today. I need to count all my calories up. If I need more calories I will have a snack for sure.
I check weekly and have even sent in a few secrets. I reccomend doing it actually. Anyhow check this out:

I'm glad I'm not the only one! ha! I litterally laughed out loud.

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