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11 March 2008

Very Late Post.

Hi All!
Let's just start off saying that I am SO VERY excited to go to the ENT tomorrow I could just pee! I really want to know what is wrong with my left ear or my jaw or whatever. So many people I work with still have this "funk", you know this sickness. It's really hard to kick when you have 100's of grimy little germ infested hands touching you all day. Bless their little hearts. Praise little baby Jesus for GERM-X! ha! Okay.. so here's a re-cap of today's foods:

BREAKFAST: The berries yesterday really upset me, so I had banana oaties this morning. Now my bananas are in NO WAY ripe enough for me, but I thought it better than having to eat Kashi Cat Food again. So I made oaties, well D made them today, with 1/2 c skim (I use 3/4 c and they're much better!) a few splashes of soy (which I have decided THICKEN the oats.)cinnamon, 1/2 pkt of splenda, and 1/2 of a banana. I knew the oats weren't going to be that great due to the ill ripeness of my banana, I added 12 chocolate chips. I mean really.. do you ever NEED an excuse to eat chocolate?! I do need to eat it in more moderation than I am though. See, here lies my problem... if I let myself have something "just once" I will have it "just once" everyday. Which is why I need to be more strict on myself.

Lunch: I asked D to get me noodle soup last night when he got off work. He remembered the cat food but forgot my soup. I see where I rank! So I settled for peanut butter and jelly. Oh. My. Gosh. SO GOOD. I mean it really was. I used to eat pb & j daily before I changed my eating habits. As you know, I LOVE, liz-ove, me some peanut butter. My new Simply Fruit Jam is KILLER as well!! I loved my sammie. However, what I REALLY wanted to eat was Chuck... I mean Alan's spaghetti. He sits right beside me and was already eating when I came in..Mmm.. it looked and smelled wonderful. I have added a picture of it too! Anyway, back to what I ate. 2 slices of NVWW bread, 2 T peanut butter, 1/2 T Simply Fruit, Green Peppers (which are really gross with pb & j as you can imagine) sugar-free apple sauce with WAY Too much cinnamon, and a low fat cheese stick. All-in-all I was full and satisfied.

Around 2:30ish? I had a New Luna Bar.. Peanut Butter Cookie. Yet another flavor I will not be getting again. It had NO flavor. I need to remember what bars I don't like.. Let's see.. Peanut Butter Cookie and what else was it? The Brownie one!! Oh yes.. Sometimes I still think I taste that nasty aftertaste. Moving on.. at my meeting- we had snacks! Luckily there's usually something healthy to choose from. I had some broccoli, carrots and a piece of turkey. I went back for more broccoli and carrots later and added 5 sociable crackers. These are GREAT and the calorie/carb count is very low so I think I will buy some at the store. Although, crackers are another thing I limit from my diet because I know myself and I have a VERY hard time not just having "one more". One more turns into 50 more! No. Really.

Yesterday a lady that works at our school was there and she's lost a lot of weight! I am always interested in talking to people who are big fatties like me and seeing how they lost their weight. She's doing a terrific job! She just eats most anything in moderation.. even McDonald's. However, I don't want to put that type of greasy food in my system. At any rate, people with extreme weight loss give me so much hope and encouragement! Mandy, you're one of them by the way, who encourage me. Thanks for that. Thanks everyone for reading my blog! I have my little counter at the top and it's so great to see everyone reading :o) Love you guys.

Okay kids. I just got home and now it's time to clean the kitchen and prep for dinner!

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