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02 March 2008

Even though I love it it when it rains, and too much sun gives me a headache and hurts my eyes.... I do love it as spring begins to peek in on us. Today is a BEAUTIFUL day! I am ready for spring because I want to go walking. If it could be 70 degrees, and slighty sunny everyday, I really would be a happy girl. Every year as spring begins to come, I do feel more alive. It's beautiful in the fall as the leaves turn and fall.. even more the beauty it is as they come back to life! All I ask for is a little rain now and then! :o)

I LOVE my lunch combo for today. It had three of my favorite components: Chicken, Sauteed Broccoli, and Brown Rice. YUM! I just layered them to make a mock stir fry. I will be having this again and again! I call it Chicken Stir Fry Ala Stephanie. Ha! So dorky. Anyway it was good. As I was taking the picture, I managed to drop my fork along with a ton of rice in the floor...nice. Please notice the care bear cup, circa 1982 compliments of Pizza Hut! I have the whole set (and a duplicate of this one).

For a little something sweet I had half of a banana with 1 T of crunchy peanut butter! I really only needed 1/4 of a banana and peanut butter, as I was full! Notice how the Gilbert Family likes their bananas. I have to buy them a week in advance just for them to get ripe enough for us!

I have a busy day today. I have to finish my grocery list, go to my parents house and help them get ready for tonight, as well as help them feed the kids, find something for myself to eat, and then go to the store. I really LOVE to shop on Sunday afternoons, but not so much on Sunday nights, as everything is gone. HOWEVER this time I am wise to Hopkinsville shoppers and know that they suprisinglydo have good taste... or maybe that I just fit in here?! What?! haha. If what I want is not at the store.. well then I shall get it another day rather than getting something else. Dinner post will be after all of the activities for the day.

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