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28 March 2008

Luck is in the air.

I love Friday! Today felt like Thursday though. I am pretty sure it felt so odd because I left work early yesterday to go to the dentist. The post is late because I had to go to the grocery after school. As PACKED as the parking lot was, it wasn't very crowded inside-- which I was glad for.
Breakfast: Last night I diced some strawberries and added splenda so they could macerate. They were delicious in this mornings oaties!! I told D to add 1 T of swemi-sweets. That was dumb---It was LOADED with chocolate. I really only need 1 tsp. of chocolate! Oh well, I ate it and I do have to say it was good. I love oats. I hope my love affair with them never grows old.

Lunch: Blah. You see pictured a salad with kens and shredded parm, tuna, and jell-o with cool whip. However the tuna had FISH BONES all in it! YUCK! Luckily I had a dollar (I NEVER have cash) So I chose what I know was the best choice from the vending machine. Lance Toastchee Crackers (that is not my hand in the picture. It's a male co-workers.). I ate half of my salad, all of the jell-o and the crackers. :( It was a sad little lunch.

Snacks: Because I used the last of the milk for my oaties, I had no Luna Bars, or anything else to eat for that matter--- my snack today was a yogurt with Uncle Sam's cereal. This was not as filling as I would have liked for it to be. Luck was on my side again today. Around 2:55 for some reason adults just started popping in our classroom, one of which was selling popcorn. I jumped at the chance for that! The popcorn was VERY filling and I was glad for it because grocery shopping when you're hungry as we all know is a nightmare.
WHILE at the store, YOGI TEA was on SALE!!!!! I was very excited! Even though Aimee just sent me 3 boxes, I couldn't resist buying just one more box. I probably will not try this tonight because I have a lot of chores to do and I want to go to bed early. I look forward to enjoying it this weekend.

Let me just talk about fat people for a minute. I am a fatty so I can speak freely. For me, and I imagine many more over weight people, food is EVERYTHING. I think about food ALL THE TIME. No sooner than I'd eat breakfast, I want to think and talk about lunch. Food is my drug. Everyday it takes every bit of will power I have not to gorge myself like a little stuffed pig. No joke. Just like an alcoholic buys just one more beer, I'd want just one more cookie. To those who read this that struggle with weight-- just know that YOU are STRONGER than the temptation to eat. Losing weight is all a mental game with me. I know my body and I know when it is full. I drink a lot of tea because I can sip it and it takes a while to drink. It's soothing for the mind and soul as well. This is also why I drink so much water daily. It fills me up. I also use a calorie counter online that keeps me right on track. I wish you all the best of success!! Losing 30 lbs has REALLY kicked me in to overdrive again. I feel like I felt when I first started to "diet". I have not been working out since I've been so busy and D has a second job. I am EXCITED to jump start that Monday (and use my poor little fitness watch!) Just know I am here struggling along with you. Sure I talk about what I eat, but I never talk about the struggles that go with it. It's hard, very hard to restrain from eating a lot of things-- which is why I am so strict with myself. I have to be, or I'd be taking "one more bite" for an hour. :o)

On to dinner!! While at the store I picked up green peppers and mushrooms!! Green Peppers and Mushrooms are my all time favorite pizza toppings. I used a Kangaroo Whole Wheat Pita, 1 T of Ragu Pizza Sauce, 1/2 c cheese, green peppers and mushrooms. I sauteed the veggies in cooking spray before making the pizza. Oh yes, I also toasted the pita in the toaster first as well. Easy as 1,2...3! Just broil until you nearly burn it and it's good to go!! Listen to these facts...

my WHOLE pizza was 374 calories, 37 carbs, 24 protein and 9g fiber. Compared to 2 slices (because I can't just eat one) of Pizza Hut's Pan Mushroom and Green Pepper Pizza: 500 calories, 56 carbs, 10 protein, and 2g fiber. Wow. I am VERY full without all the greasiness of their pizza. I will be making these pizza's time and time again! They are great for kids and families too. Everyone can make their own little pizza! How fun! I also had a skinny dipper for desert! (that I didn't want but I ate for the sake of eating desert. I SHOULD have used will power, see!)

Okay kids.. I have chores to do. I also rented a movie at the Red Box. The sweet lady in front of me handed a free movie coupie. I really appreciated this because I always leave coupies in the store and hand them out if I don't need them. Luck, Karma, and baby Jesus are on my side today. Wow.. and all at once! I better stop while the gettin's good.

See ya in the AM! (no really.. I will.)

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