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27 March 2008

Burnt is better!

As much as I don't care for Rachael Ray, I am like her when it comes to using the broiler (and baking!) For dinner I piddled around until my stomach would let me piddle no more! The fridge and cabinets are bare, so my choices were slim. I didn't want a salad and didn't have any sides other than salad to go with a sammie therefore a pita pizza it was! I toasted the pita in the toaster first so that it wouldn't get soggy from the sauce. A dab of sauce was all I needed and a pile of cheese did the trick! I really wish we had some mushrooms or green pepper, but I made do just fine with a gooey cheese pizza, slightly burnt. I was on the phone with D and by the time I remembered my pizza it had gotten a little brown around the edges! Turns out it was delicious! It didn't taste very burnt and the crispiness was delightful. Once I was done eating, I realized how nice a salad would have been. Oh well, I thought. I then began to ponder desert options. Jello, Yogurt, or Skinny Dipper. Chocolate cool whip is horrible on mixed fruit jell-o, so that was out. I only had a sample of the fiber one cereal, so I didn't really want to eat yogurt without it. Hands down a mint skinny dipper it was!! It was ALL I HAD not to run back to the fridge and grab a second and third one of these, however I managed! I am now sipping on Tazo Organic Apple Red hot tea. So yummy. Man, these teas are so much better than the Lipton crap I have! The depth of flavor is just unmatched. Now, Salada Strawberry Orange is probably still my favorite.

Speaking of Lipton, this afternoon while talking to my Papa (who you know calls me daily.) I sipped on Lipton Orange something Green Tea. It's horrible after having these nice teas!!

Well... I actually don't have anything else to say other than I bid you good night and happy dreams! (tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!)


Zach and Amanda said...

So Tazo was created in Portland, OR! I have met the guy who created it! :) We are tea/coffee snobs out here. ha ha!

steff. said...

Stop reminding me of the countless reasons I belong in OR and not Ghettoville!! haha!!