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10 March 2008

Monday, Monday (la la...)

I am sick. Still sick. I seriously need an antibiotic! Luckily I am going to the ENT Wednesday! I am not sick, sick... you know. Sill, I am sick feeling. My nose has been running, eyes have been watering and my darn LEFT ear has been hurting ALL DAY. I mean it's all completely my fault... if I would just GO to the doctor when I really was feeling ill... I'd be much better. Sorry.. just needed to vent. :o) Thanks.

Another rant.. I took my sweet Pooka to the vet today because he's been sneezing like Izzy. Only, Pooka was sneezing and coughing, yes coughing, much worse than little Izzy. The Vet says they didn't have colds and they're not allergic to anything. It boils down to this: My cats were FINE. F.I.N.E. BEFORE they both went to the vet. Izzy went to be declawed and spayed and came home sick. THEY BOTH went a week later 1. to get Izzys stitches out and and for her to get a shot (since she was sick and all) and 2. Pooka needed boosters.. Well, well... Izzy gets a shot of cortisone and is hunky dorey and now POOKA is sick. Hmm.. co-inky-dink? I think not. They got sick from being at the vet and it costs me over $100! Well, at least that's what I think happened. I mean it's the only logical thing you know. I love my cats though.. sorry I shouldn't be complaining about all this here. It is my blog after all though, and it really is relevent seeing as it's the reason my post is so late today :o)

I am just having a crummy day I guess. Breakfast started out sucky. Maybe that's my problem. Okay so I got all these berries at the store the other day. A little fresh berry assortment of strawberries, blueberries, and the golden child...........BLACK BERRIES! I was SO EXCITED to have blackberry oaties today. blah. blah. blah. gross. They were HORRIBLE! Needless to say I didn't eat them. Do you remember that shirt I have been working on this weekend for this kid at school? Well anyway, I left the stupid thing at home...(luckily) so D brought it to me (only to find out that this particularr kid is out of school ALL week! ha!)along with some Kashi Go Lean Heart Oatie Honey something for breakfast. Let me tell you what.. it looks like cat food, smells like cat food and for one second it tastes like cat food. I have a VERY strong nose and it really stinks, this stuff it does. It's not bad though once you get over the fact that it indeed is not cat food. Anyhow.. for breakfast I had a few bites of my oaties and 1/2 c Kashi Go Lean Honey Oatie Something.

Lunch was much better! Since I was sick Thursday and off Friday for the snow (that didn't come until late Friday night) I still had some food in the work fridge. You see pictured a salad, however it tasted old so I threw it out. (sorry the picture is crummy.)I had my deli chicken on Nature's Own Whole Wheat Bread with a smidge of Ken's and a little spinach. Also, delicious crunchy COLD green peppers, a cheese stick and sugar free strawberry jell-o with a dollop of cool-whip. Yum! For a snack later on--I ate the rest of the Kashi Cat Food.

This afternoon on my way to pick up Pooka at the house, I had my homemade Chocolate Protein Shake. Notice the container! The MIX 1 Containers are PERFECT for my own shakes. I even bought another shake the other day because it serves double duty! My calorie count is LOW LOW LOW today so I am snacking on a crisp gala and another cheese stick.

I did not workout today because I am not sleeping. I went to sleep finally around 2 AM. Getting up at 5 AM is NOT in my plans when I get that little sleep. I could have worked out this afternoon but I just didn't feel like it with my ear and all. I am not being a cop out either. I simply don't feel like working out. Honest truth. When I finally get back in my routine I will be top notch. I bought a pedometer the other day, well yesterday actually, on sale for $2!! I am excited to use that as well. It's a shame, I have this beautiful new watch and I can't kick this head cold. I am going to go read a bit. See ya if you're still reading for dinner!



Aimee said...

Your are so funny...I love reading this everyday. Just a heads up the Heart to Heart gets better, I too thought it tasted like Cat food but after a couple of eats I Loved it. Hope you are feeling better soon :)
PS. I want to recipe for the oaties like step by step, I'm going to get oatmeal another chance.

steff. said...

I am glad I am not the ONLY one who thinks it tasted like cat food. I am going to try in in soy milk next time.