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29 February 2008


I have made fajitas a few times before and I mean they were good-- but these were GREAT! I used to cook the chicken and the veggies on the stove top... this time I decided to grill the chicken on the George Foreman then add them to the veggies... huge difference as you can imagine! Now for the tortillas.... I have had whole wheat low carb-o tortillas in the past and they are for the birds! Literally.. they're grainy and birds would love them. I was just not eating those again. While looking for a better tortilla choice, I saw only TWO packages of La Tortilla factory Whole Wheat Tortillas left... they were expensive (over 3 dollars for 10 tortillas!) but I decided if everyone was buying them over everything else, they were worth a try! (after all.. the shoppers all left me with the crummy cool whip!) Hopkinsville knows best this time! The tortillas were WONDERFUL! I planned poorly because we had no lettuce and I LOVE a little fajita with my lettuce, but we managed. I had 2 tortillas and spread a little bit of cream cheese on them (because I prefer it to sour cream) and a bit of fajita chicken. I also had a cheese stick although I could have done without it. I also got to eat dinner with my husband!! He had a few hours off between jobs so he came home to eat dinner with me.. what a sweet kid. I sure do love him. After I cleaned the kitchen, I brewed my favorite cup of Prince of Wales Tea to sip on as I wrote my blog.
Okay.. off to do some laundry and light cleaning before bed.
See yas for my oats in the AM! (If Gilbey remembers to bring home the milk!)

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