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29 March 2008


I had a wonderful day with my Papa! It really was nice to go to Bowling Green with him. :o) I am excited of this picture I took this morning because you can really see my weight loss. I took the picture because I thought my make-up looked good today haha.. and It would be a nice picture for D to put on his desk at work. However, I feel that I am really starting to show my weight loss and this picture is a prime example :o)
Lunch: I knew he liked Chick-fil-A and that I could find something to eat there. For lunch I ordered a Chargrilled Chicken Salad. It looked DELICIOUS!! It tasted okay. :( The salad was wet therefore very watery. What was cool is that it came with broccoli on the side which I could have had 10 more little trees of! Check out all the mix-ins it came with! Fat Free Honey Mustard (that was gross and peppery, I didn't eat it) Croutons (which I had 2 of) and Honey Roasted Sunflower Seeds. Since the dressing was a bust, I decided to put the sunflower seeds on my salad. BIG mistake!! This decision was made before I knew how watery it was. Thankfully I only put half the bag on my salad and was able to enjoy the rest for my "desert"!
Snacks: I didn't eat my whole salad because it was sitting in a pool of water so I had an early snack today. It consisted of the remainder of my banana from this morning and Kashi Original TLC's. I love these little crackers. Later on I had a new protein bar....Slim Fast High Protein Chocolate Chip Granola. Thumbs DOWN. Okay, it ranked higher than the balance bar and some of those Luna's but it still tasted gross. I THINK I am going to go back to Zone Perfect Bars even though they have more sugar than I'd like.

Dinner: When in Russellville with my Papa where do I eat?! Well ROY'S of course, home of the lemon packets! (which in case you don't know crack me up EVERY time.) Tonight I was smarter... There is no way I will ever eat a salad from this place because I know I will hate it and only eat half of it.. sooo I ordered pulled BBQ Pork with NO bread and sauce on the side. Also, baked beans and a baked potato. IT WAS SO GOOD. I literally ate everything on my plate (except the sauce, I had maybe 2 dips of it because they gave me hot instead of mild) and would have probably eaten the plate too. Everything was fresh and hot. This meal was a little high on calories but since lunch was skimpy, I am still right on target with my daily intake. My Aunt Carol joined us and that was nice to have a little family outing. Hoo-rha.

Okay kids.. I am home now and cleaned a little and enjoyed a cup of Bedtime Tea. That's exactly what I plan to do.. go to bed!! See ya in the morning! :o)


sassy said...

Pity that salad sucked because it looks pretty nice.

It seems so different to me that you have baked beans at a restaurant where you come from. In Australia they are sometimes on a breakfast menu with some sausages but not really that often.

Mostly we have them in toasted sammies!!!

steff. said...

I live in the Southern US. When I make baked beans they are really thick, sweet, and topped with bacon! These however are typical baked beans for the US. These particular beans are laced with BBQ which is what makes them so good. I don;t know about putting baked beans in a sammie! I want to make some pitas using lima beans or navy beans. Kath at does that all the time and I'd like to try it. Most people I know would think it ludacris to put beans in a sammie! But not me! :o)

sassy said...

I often have four bean mix type salad in pita bread. I finely dice cucumber, tomato and red onion and add it to the beans. A splash of olive oil, squeeze of lemon and salt and pepper and this mix will last in the fridge for a week. It is also great on baked potatoes with grated cheese. Filling and a mix of nutrients, who could ask for more.

LOL about the beans. Honestly, baked bean toasties for the win :)