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04 March 2008

Oatie goodness

I think my bowl of oats was the BEST bowl of oats I've EVER had!! They were so simple! I made them this morning with 3/4 c skim and just a splash of soy milk. I added a VERY ripe banana to the mix with tons of cinnamon. SO DELICIOUS!! I am out of ripe bananas so it will be a few days before I can have these oaties again.

Today I had another Hypoglycemic attack!! This time it was AFTER lunch.. I don't know what it is. I am anxious to start taking my blood sugar tomorrow. There is also a viral infection going around that has these same symptoms.. so we'll just have to see what my evidence shows.
I know I need MORE food, for one thing-- and I am working hard to get that in.
For lunch I had the same as yesterday. You know I like to eat the same foods over and over again. It's easy and satisfying for me. I had 1 piece of Nature's Own Double Fiber Bread, My Oscar Mayer Deli Chicken, a smidge of Ken's. I also had a cut up green pepper and broccoli-- but I only had one piece. My "snow cream" yogurt topped with a full table spoon of Uncle Sam's Cereal was dessert! I also shared my cereal with one of my lunch buddies who eats yogurt daily. It's SUCH a yummy mix in!

Like always I snacked on my almonds throughout the day. I thought they'd help me feel better. With this virus they say all you need is fluids and rest... However, tonight D is home until 8 so I really want to cook something he wants to eat. I would much rather just eat noodle soup and go to bed. Anyway, at about 2:00 I had a Caramel Nut Brownie Luna Bar! It was GREAT while I was eating it.. however I still have a weird aftertaste in my mouth from it. Well, it was good while I was eating it at least.

By the way.. I LOVE "eat, pray, love" GO BUY IT NOW (even if you have to pay $3 more for it :o) )

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