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22 March 2008

Let's try this again.

I think I have deja vu.... haha. I am not sure WHAT happened with the auto save. My blog periodically saves it self. I know it was saving last night because I always check, however rarely save it myself. See.. it JUST saved right then. So weird. I had everything typed and just needed to add pictures!! Oh well..I won't cheat ya.. I'll still you all everything I had last night.

Now... WHERE WERE WE?! :o)

D and I went to his parents house for dinner and to see a church thing. For dinner I ate macaroni and cheese and little smokey sausages cooked in grape jelly. They were SO good, I am still talking about them. I love the balance of savory and sweet in meals. D's Mamo made an apple cobbler.. of course I had a small bite of that! It was delish. His mom made 2 Chess pies.. one for D to take home and one for his sister. They both had a piece from their own pie. I took the first bite of Dustin's pie. Very good. I got my sweet fill in I'd say! Once dinner was over, we went to the "Forgiveness House" which is a walk thru of the last days before the crucifixion. Now.. in the first room we see Jesus-- who was VERY attractive. I'd like to say enough said.. however that's not the whole story! Like the story goes -- Jesus had to die on the cross. Well he didn't wear a lot of clothes..neither did this Jesus. Is it bad to think inappropriate things while watching Jesus die on the cross? I think so. To make matters worse, come to find out-- he's the PASTOR of the church at a ripe age of 26. He also comes with 2 kids and one on the way. I think I will stick to my very handsome, sweet, funny Gilbey who comes with no children! At least my sister-in-law was thinking the SAME thing I was. Now don't think I was not touched by this depiction-- I was. I am not totally heartless.

Well.. after that if you're still reading, thanks. If not.. well trust me YOU should've seen this guy! Anyway....

Breakfast: I had strawberry chocolate oaties! They were great. I have no picture of these actual oaties because it was raining, I was driving AND eating. I thought it stupid to try and snap a photo of something you've seen a few times. :o) You pretty much know what they look like.

Lunch: I had the same thing I've been eating all week long. I think this meal deserves a special name. We will call it Chicken Pudding. I had my deli chicken sammie on my NODF wheat, broccoli, a cheese stick and pistachio pudding. This meal is a my "staple" lunch. Generally the only thing that changes is the pudding flavor, yogurt, and jell-o. We'll come up with fun names for the lunches. Maybe I'll even color code them... Kidding.

Snacks: I ate my 15 almonds and Luna bar early today. I was starving. For some reason lunch was NOT enough today. I ate these blasted almonds even though I know they hurt my jaw. I loved the luna!! Chocolate Peppermint Stick. One of the TWO Luna's I will eat! I didn't have a snack when I got home from school this day. I had enough time to fluff my pants and back out the door again! This time to my church for choir practice and a short Eater Service.

Dinner: I had put some lean meat in the fridge to defrost planning to cook Meatloaf tonight. However, my mom invited D and I to Cracker Barrel with them. So of course we went! Cracker Barrel is a place that does not offer nutrition facts. Rightfully so, it's Country Cooking.. so no one REALLY needs to know those numbers! Now, I was still using my camera phone for all pictures. The lighting in CB was HORRID! Well... I ate at CB AGAIN Friday night, and had the SAME thing. You'll just have to scroll down and see what I ate! I know the anticipation is killing you. I just know it is.
Just as we walked in Cracker Barrel, I received a phone call from my co-worker Alan asking me if I'd gotten a phone call yet. He was referring to the phone system we have at work. It's an automated system that calls whenever their is news to tell such as school closings and the like. Seconds after we hung up, I received my call (on D's phone because I used to always get our phone numbers mixed up and I'd ALWAYS give out his instead of mine.) This call sates that since we've had so many snow days, they will be making those days up OVER OUR SPRING BREAK. Now this is upsetting for multiple reasons. NUMBER ONE: The prior week the staff was asked to vote on the day's we'd like to make up. A: Good Friday, B: The Friday BEFORE Spring Break, and C: Tack 3 days on to the end of the year. The results showed we all wanted to make up days at the end. That was that.. we were going to school 3 extra days. This would push High School Graduation back a few days. No big deal. Well.. it's no big deal unless you have a daughter graduation High School and a son who graduates from West Point that very same day. Do you see where I am going. This ONE parent (well others were with him, but only he spoke) went to the board meeting Thursday night to protest this. Saying that in our bylaws we state that if we've missed a large number of days that Spring Break CAN be used. He also stated that it would push graduation back to far and he had conflicting PERSONAL PLANS. Now... before you think I am just being over dramacic.. listen to these numbers: This ONE MAN's "personal conflict" affected SIXTEEN SCHOOLS (11 elementary, 3 middle, and 2 high) Well over 2,500 employees AND all of the said family members attached to the children and staff. Where is this fair? These are PUBLIC Schools and the FACULTIES VOTED to tack days on at the end of the year. NONE of us even THOUGHT to attend that meeting, since we'd voted and the results were IN. You might like to know that the above mentioned man is a wealthy man in town. Hrm. Interesting. I do in NO way blame this man for doing what he did, I might have done the same. However the board should have shown more respect for what the Faculty had already voted on. So going to school over these 3 days is a waste because if parents have plans they WILL take their kids out of school to go on a vay-cay. Not to mention the amount of Teachers who have plans. I have my own PERSONAL plans. Oh well. so goes the story.

I can happily say T.G.I.F!

My mom and I headed to Paducah originally so I could buy the fabric for the living room. Though very expensive, it's the ONLY thing I like. However, I want new counter tops in my kitchen more than I do curtains. I no longer needed to go, but my mom wanted to go and have a fun day. A fun day it was!

Breakfast: With D off to work I made my own oaties today. I can say that we make oaties the exact same way and I cannot tell mine from his. I had Banana oaties with cinna love. The banana wasn't quite ripe enough so I let it sit chopped on the counter while I got dressed. This did the trick. However, the oats tasted kind of irony. I am not sure if it was the cinna love or the banana. I still ate them, and they were still good. My MOM even commented on them.

Lunch: While shopping someone mentioned salmon at Logan's Roadhouse. Instantly my mom wanted to go there. That was fine with me. I mean really-- every place has a decent salad. Logan's is a place where you eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor, and had killer grilled food. While waiting to order I had about 8 peanuts.I thought about ordering a grilled chicken salad.. however I was confident that they would screw it up some how because their salads have ALL KINDS of crap on them that I didn't need not want. I also didn't trust them to make my chicken without any sauce. I ordered a safe meal of the house salad and a sweet potato. This is a MEAL on the menu, not just a combo I ordered up so when my salad came with my mom's I was a little perturbed. I mean WHY would anyone want to eat their salad and then 10 minutes later be brought a potato to eat? You order the meal as one thing, it should arrive as one thing. Now on to my salad. I ordered it without cheese and tomato, which leaves only bacon and lettuce. ONLY bacon does not mean EXTRA bacon. I guess I need to start ordering it differently. Anyway.. this puppy was loaded with enough bacon to give me a heart attack right then and their. I just threw the EXTRA bacon on the floor.. I mean that's where the peanut shells were. ha! you might ask why I didn't just send the salad back... well the waitress was never THERE of course. She became decidedly sweet as she brought the check, which always makes me mad after they've been really rude. Needless to say, I paid for lunch that day. Anyway.. I am being very negative today!! Sorry. I am really a sweet girl. Honest. :o)
My salad really WAS delish -- the dressing was sooooo yummy. I want gallons of it. I use not even a tablespoon of dressing when I dip my salads into the dressing so I am sure that little pot would have lasted me a week! The potato was good too. My mom thought I needed more protein so she shared her chicken with me. I ate chicken after all that worry about sauces! It was VERY good. Teriyaki Chicken. Perfectly seasoned. Great Meal.. bad service. At least the food was good, yeah?

Snacks: I left in such a rush I was good to get my oaties made! I completely forgot to pack a snack. Luckily we were off to Sam's Club. What do you do at Sam's Club during the weekend? You SAMPLE of course!! I sampled: Orange Pineapple Cake (which my mom bought for Easter Breakfast) Black Forrest Ham (that I talked my mom into buying for Easter Dinner soley so I could have some of the leftovers!), A teeny tiny slice of cheese pizza that I ate VERY slowly. It was good. Lastly, I took a sip of this horrible icy strawberry smoothie and half of a strawberry Priolene stick. Very satisfying.

Dinner: Last night at CB my mom noticed the Friday Fish Fry... so we decided to stop there on the way home. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their baked potatoes!!!!! I wanted a larger salad so I ordered one with no tomatoes and a baked potato. Last night I had a small tossed salad-- lettuce only with honey mustard. I also asked for an egg. Well, she brought me two. I ate half an egg and gave the rest to my Dad. Of course I had my delicious baker with Promise Spread leving only two bites!. Okay okay.. back to Friday Night.. This lady is SMART! Without me telling her she knew I wanted my salad with my meal (I actually told the lady Thursday night.. she was a real sweet waitress.) Well well.. when the salad came it had SHREDDED cheese all over it! I about fell over and died. There is something about shredded cheese on salads that makes my stomach turn. The other larger salads come with a cheese WEDGE on the side, I thought this one did as well. I was wrong. She was a doll and re-made it, but I could tell she was tired. I think every old couple in Calvert City was out eating fish that night!! My salad was lettuce, bacon and croutons, which I ate, and dipped the salad in honey mustard. When my potato came and I;d forgot to order promise Spread, I just kept it to myself and used regular butter and ate the ENTIRE potato! I looove the crispy crust on these. Both nights I also ordered a biscuit and 'lasses for desert. This was probably not the smartest choice. The best choice would have been to have one of my sweet treats at home. However, I always remember eating this with my Nana and Papa growing up and I miss them both terribly right now. As I ate it my mom and I talked about how they used to eat theirs and so on. I am certain if my mom and I didn't have will power that we'd have eaten that whole bowl of pure sorghum molasses right then and there! We love it!

When I got home last night I had a package from Aimee 007!! I thought that MAYBE it was the book that got lost in the mail before Christmas. When I noticed that she shipped it UPS instead of USPS I knew that was wrong. Then I thought maybe she decided to send the other book I am wanting to read--- opened the package to find THREE NEW TEAS!!! I was so excited! I looked at the teas last night at Kroger and had FINALLY decided to buy one.. however after my online research of Yogi Teas, I decided on Yogi Pomegranate Green Tea. Kroger didn't have it :( Little did I know I had it in a box sitting on my kitchen table! Thanks so much! She also sent Yogi Bed time Tea (a chamomile blend) and Tazo Organic Apple Tea. Along with the teas was one of those singing cards. I thought it was cute until D came home and I swear he listened to that thing for 10 minutes! Thanks. ha! :o) Thanks Aimee.. this really was a sweet pick me up!!

I have also added pictures of some things I bought yesterday because I LOVE them!!
I LOVE Portmerion items. LOVE THEM. So when I saw this tart/oil burner, I KNEW it had to go home with me!!

I have been looking for a set of small mixing bowls. I never have anything for smaller items. I fell in love with these! This is the smallest bowl. The largest one holds 2 cups. I got a set of 6 bowls for 5.99! Bargain price! :o) D even likes them.


Breakfast: Well guys I THINK we've made it!! I got up very groggy today and made myself a bowl of strawberry banana oaties. Have you noticed the absence of chocolate chips? I am trying to use them less. I used a small banana, half of which I added while microwaving, and 4 strawberries. So good!
Wow.. it's been a CRAZY couple of days. I am glad to just be home today. I need to clean the house, help my mom cook Easter Dinner, and wait for the cable guy because we're getting a DVR today!! :o) I WILL be here for lunch... see ya then! :o)

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