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10 March 2008

An Old Recipe Reborn!

Tonight for dinner I strongly considered Noodle Soup. However, I didn't feel like fooling with washing the pot, which was just stupid. Given my breakfast situation, I needed the soup really! Anyhow, I had what was on the menu for tonight. D and I used to make mini pepperoni muffin pizzas loaded with cheese and pepperoni.....soooooo good! I decided to redesign them to be more healthy. I looked for turkey roni's at the store, but they were just too expensive, so I just cut those out all together. I used whole wheat english muffins (with NO HFCS mind you!), 1/8 cup Ragu Pizza sauce (for ALL three!) 3/4 c shredded motz cheese, a bit of green pepper and fresh Basil! ooooh so fragrant! I really want to plant my own herb garden this spring. Herbs are so expensive. On the menu with this meal was a filling salad, however I just wasn't in the mood for that so I had sliced green peppers. This was such a delicious meal. Seriously, make it. All you need to do is TOAST the muffins in the toaster. Add your toppings and BROIL! It's that simple! After 30 minutes I was still quite hungry, so I had 2 T of peanut butter. I took a picture of my peanut butter, but that's just not a very appealing picture. Right now I am sipping on some green tea! Yum Yum! My favorite Salada brand. I don't like a lot of tea brands, and I should just buy an expensive box one day. We'll see.
Aimee asked how I made my oaties. They're so simple.
-1/2 c Quick Cook Oats
-1/2 - 3/4 c liquid (this I vary between different amounts of skim and soy)
-Microwave (in my microwave) for 1 minute. (Your microwave might be different)
-Stir. MAYBE add more milk, it just depends.
-micro 15 seconds, stir, 15 seconds stir.
-I add a splash of milk/soy if needed. You will need to add a little more milk here because the oats drink it up.
-I add 1/2 pkg of splenda and whatever toppings I put in.
--I have made rolled oats on the stove top before, but they're more chewy and I didn't like them. I also don't like instant oats because they're mush. I also have steel cut oats and they're VERY good, but I think they aggravate my stomach. I need to try them again and see.
My oats keep me VERY satisfied for 3+ hours. Whenever I am hungry, like really hungry, I crave oats because of the satiety they provide.

Okay, I leave you tonight with silly pictures of my cats. Since Pooka went to the vet today, I left the carrier out for them to play in. They're so silly.
See ya sometime tomorrow! Have a GREAT night!

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