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30 March 2008

Like Water For Milk

For breakfast, I asked D to make me a sammie! I am fully capable of making these, but mine are never as good as his. It's a man thing-- they ALL know how to cook an egg...and all of them better than me. I had an english muffin, egg, cheese, and turkey bacon sammie with Tazo Organic Apple Red Tea! soooo good. Still not as filling as oatmeal because I don't feel satisfied. Oatmeal is a complex carb making it slow to digest. Eggs and Cheese are not!
Speaking of Organic... I had a coupon for Horizon Organic Milk so of course I got it. Listen to this dialogue:

D: Have you tried that new milk you bought?
Steff: No, why?
D: Well, are you sure it's milk?
Steff: Yes, It's just organic.
D: Are you sure it's not colored water?

I tasted it and it's sweet and delicious! Sorry for poor D, but I liked it a lot better than regular skim milk. The true test will be it's oatmeal making abilities!

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