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16 March 2008

Sunday Bloody Sunday... just the title of a U2 song that I happen to like. It has nothing to do with my day.

After church I was fully prepared to come home and make D muffin pizzas and something to go with broccoli for myself. However, my mom called and invited us for Mexican, so we went. I know at Mexican places I get fajitas on a bed of lettuce. I am a very cost effective gal and it was a few dollars cheaper to get a fajita taco salad. Of course, I ordered this intending not to eat the shell. I ate the shell! ha! It was SO good. I ate about 1/2 of the shell. I was disappointed at the amount of cheese the put on it. Usually there is only a drizzle of cheese, so I didn't bother to ask for light cheese sauce... much to my surprise, it was FLOATING in cheese! It was good, as you can imagine. Once the food settled in my system, I felt tired and bloated. I would have MUCH rather had broccoli then! haha!

After we ate, D went to work and we went to the nursing home to take cookies and to sing. This is an activity that though I didn't look forward to, I thought would be fine. It ended up being a nightmare. My Nana passed away in November due to cancer (well a blot clot actually.. but that was due to cancer). She was in a nursing home for 2 months for rehab before she passed. She didn't live a full day home from the nursing home actually. It was a rough road for my family because she needed someone with her at the nursing home practically round the clock. It was bitter sweet for us all. Being in this nursing home, memories of her flooded back into my mind. The way her hands trembled when she pick up a glass. Her telling me "oh these cookies are DELICIOUS Stephanie! MMmMm" Needless to say, they had those same cookies there today. (you know the cookies.. the one's covered in frosting Wal-Mart has for EVERY occasion) You know how it goes. I only mention this here because it's the reason the post is ungodly late. So I've had a sad day, however full of beautifully fond memories of my sweet Nana.

When I got home, I was over whelmed by the condition of the house. Every room has some major mess in it. I could NOT go get groceries with the house looking a mess... so I didn't! ha! I cleaned a little and watched TV a lot. :o) Around 4:45 I made myself a little peanut butter and banana muffin. Oh. So. Good. It was great and held me over until.. well I didn't eat dinner because I wasn't hungry. I ate a vanilla snow cream yogurt around 7 and was fully satisfied. I contribute this to my yummy mexican lunch.

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