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08 March 2008

I love the snow!

Lunch was a repeat of last nights dinner. (I somehow managed now to copy that picture from my camera... sorry.)I had more meat this time because I just was not full last night. Lunch consisted of lean meat patties and A-1,sauteed broccoli, and brown rice. I could have had a lot more broccoli but I always forget how much it even cooks down when sauteed! As many times as I have made broccoli, you'd like I'd remember that!! I wanted a little something sweet so I had sugar free strawberry jell-o. (I only have the outside of the mug of jell-o because you could only see the cool whip inside.) However, I only took two bites.
What do you do when it snows? Well, you make a snow man of course! After lunch today we made an adorable snow man!! Okay.. he looked more ghetto than adorable but we liked him! His eyes were Nutter Butter Cookies D had and of course a Carrot Nose!

This afternoon I had my typical gala apple. I also had a very small scoop of peanut butter (not photographed.) I really need to get a new plate or something for my apple because it's the same every day!! :o)

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