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23 March 2008

Happy Easter!

This morning D and I were up before the rooster crowed only to shuffle around and be at church by 7:00. A very early day for us indeed. I don't mind getting up early so much. It's BEING somewhere early that's the tough part. We had a nice sunrise service, that I have to admit I don't remember because I was so tired, and breakfast afterwards. I took oatmeal for breakfast! The outlet the microwave was plugged into decided to die so I cooked my oaties on the stove top. Man. What. a. difference! I will forever cook oaties on the stove. When I use the whole banana like I did today, I mix half of it in while cooking. YUM-O! I topped my creamier than creamy oaties with a 1/2 packet of splenda, the remaining banana and a few little semi-sweets. We had a HUGE spread at my little church and I wanted just a bite of breakfast casserole. So I had one. You see pictures two casseroles. I ate the one on the left and had a bite of the other one. It wasn't as good. Also with my oaties I sipped on one of my new teas!! I tried the Green Pomegranate... It was all I had hoped it would be! Thank you Aimee!

Check out this bite!! We all thought it was a really nice bite, so of course it had to be documented!

We were going to Russellville today, however, my Papa feels like making the trip up here. If I am able to pry my Dad's hands away from Western Wear on eBay and solitaire, I will make a lunch post. Though he maybe obsessed with eBay and solitaire, he did give a very good sermon during big church, I was full and awake by then!!


I am still here at my parent's which has become my home away from home this weekend! For lunch I actually made a chicken casserole and a hashbrown casserole. However I ate sauteed broccoli, sliced ham, a whole wheat pita, and a little sampling of chicken casserole. I LOVE that chicken casserole so I showed GREAT restraint!! The rest of my family also had green beans, corn, and rolls. I DID have a roll later today for a snack. I'll figure the calories in so it ain't no thang but a chicken wannng. Sorry, I guess you have to hear me say that for it to be funny. Oh yes.. while everyone else was having homemade strawberry cake for dessert, I had pistachio pudding. As soon and I am finished typing, I am going to go have a cup of a new tea! Tazo Organic Apple Red. I have high expectations because I love most Tazo tea. (***UPDATE: The Tazo was FABULOUS! It needed NO splenda. I will be getting this again!!! Aimee 007 is the best :o)****)Okay guys-- hope you're all having a great Easter!! See ya for dinner! (which I THINK might be Pizza and a Salad.
Well, no one wanted pizza but me. I didn't need pizza so it really was a good thing. My dad REALLY wanted Chicken Casserole for dinner, but we gave that to my Papa and Aunt to eat on because they love it. The casserole's were REALLY good today, so everyone said. It's because I made them this time. Ha! No really, I think it had to do with the way my mom baked them off. Anyway..... For dinner My Dad and I made omelets. He made his, I made mine. I didn't plan on taking pictures of his omelet, but he was SO proud of how it turned out (and the fact that he will now be featured on my blog) that I knew it was my only choice :o) Mamaseta (my mom) wanted me to tell you all that he is "Bald and Beautiful". Random I know. Bald and Grumpy is more like it. You know his middle name IS Oscar. You know, Oscar the grouch... yeah. He's equally sweet as well though. Really.

Back to dinner! My omelet consisted of 1 egg and 2 egg whites, green peppers, delicious thick cut ham, Italian cheese blend, and onions. We should have cooked the peppers, ham, and onions prior to making the omelet to get the excess water out of them. Next time! I DO see an omelet in my dinner plans this week! I also had 1/2 of a pita with my black raspberry jam and 1/2 c OJ! It tasted SO sweet! I enjoyed it though. I also had a bit of the Orange Pineapple Cake my mom got at Sam's. It's not pictured because it was all mushed. Ugh. Tomorrow is MONDAY. I hate Monday's. The good thing about Monday is -- it's one day closer to FRIDAY!!! :o) See ya then!

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