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14 March 2008

My Internet has been down!

Sorry guys! My Internet has been down today. Thankfully it's back up because I didn't want to play catch up because I have a VERY busy day tomorrow! Today's been pretty cool, I suppose. It's been a FRIDAY! Thankfully! I love Friday's, but then again WHO DOESN'T?!
For breakfast today I had my regular banana oaties. Tomorrow I will have blueberry or strawberry.
I remembered my camera for lunch! Today I had Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup--- it was SO Good! I ate every bite. I really do love noodle soup. I also had my watered down jell-o and a dollop of cool whip. Vanilla Snow cream was also added to the mix so I got enough food. It definitely did the trick! They're not pictured, but I had 5 multi grain crackers for that much needed crunch. This afternoon I had the rest of my protein shake. I mean I bought it so I needed to finish it.
When I got home from school I had 2 T peanut butter. It's not pictured either because it looks GROSS pictured! Ha! I took a little nap with the Gilbey this afternoon and just didn't feel like cooking. He had popcorn chicken and I made a BIG bowl of oaties.. they were SO good. I just really like oatmeal.

Tomorrow I have a lot on the agenda. D and I are getting up early to go shop for the house. Later in the day he goes to work and I am going back to Russellville with my mom. Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!

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