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08 March 2008

A fun Saturday comes to an end

We had such a fun day today!! Dinner was fun as well. I cooked thin pork chops on the George Foreman (which is how I cook ALL of my meat and I would be lost, lizost, with out it.), baby limas and a sweet potato. I also made my little fruit compote for the pork. I chopped up a few more apples and apricots and threw them in some boiling water, then I remembered the left over compote I had from the Turkey Burger day, so I threw that in too. I did not eat my sweet potato because, well, I just didn't like it. I had more limas instead. I LOVE LIMA BEANS. I have ALWAYS loved lima beans. My Sweet Nana used to make limas and butter beans for me ALL the time. Her limas were more creamy and delicious than mine, but mine were more healthful. Plans for the rest of the evening include making a grocery list and watching a movie. I mean I know you all envy our FABULOUS life! ha! Sorry we're so boring! :o) Enjoy the remainder of your Saturday! Hope you're dinner was just as delicious!

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