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02 March 2008

Happy Sunday!

It's going to be a long Sunday for me! I am up late already! See my little oatie bowl this morning. It was by no accident I am eating out of that bowl today! I have a small head cold or something. Inside my stuffy bowl are my oaties and half of a banana. Of course with any good bowl of banana oaties, I have an ample amount of cinnamon. I am also having a cup of Prince of Wales with a little skim, I tend to let it steep too long sometimes, so the skim tones it down a bit for me. Okay, I have a long day of cooking for high school kids ahead of me! My parents both work at a high school in town. I guess since my mom only had one child (and since I am grown) she feels the need to spoil every other child in town. Which is really nice. They boys basketball team is going to Regionals so she's cooking "Tasty" burgers for them. I get to help. (again look at the face on my bowl.) Have a great day guys!

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