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29 February 2008


I have made fajitas a few times before and I mean they were good-- but these were GREAT! I used to cook the chicken and the veggies on the stove top... this time I decided to grill the chicken on the George Foreman then add them to the veggies... huge difference as you can imagine! Now for the tortillas.... I have had whole wheat low carb-o tortillas in the past and they are for the birds! Literally.. they're grainy and birds would love them. I was just not eating those again. While looking for a better tortilla choice, I saw only TWO packages of La Tortilla factory Whole Wheat Tortillas left... they were expensive (over 3 dollars for 10 tortillas!) but I decided if everyone was buying them over everything else, they were worth a try! (after all.. the shoppers all left me with the crummy cool whip!) Hopkinsville knows best this time! The tortillas were WONDERFUL! I planned poorly because we had no lettuce and I LOVE a little fajita with my lettuce, but we managed. I had 2 tortillas and spread a little bit of cream cheese on them (because I prefer it to sour cream) and a bit of fajita chicken. I also had a cheese stick although I could have done without it. I also got to eat dinner with my husband!! He had a few hours off between jobs so he came home to eat dinner with me.. what a sweet kid. I sure do love him. After I cleaned the kitchen, I brewed my favorite cup of Prince of Wales Tea to sip on as I wrote my blog.
Okay.. off to do some laundry and light cleaning before bed.
See yas for my oats in the AM! (If Gilbey remembers to bring home the milk!)

As promised....

... a morning blog! I have no pictures because I didn't have time to upload before school. I suppose I could have photographed my breakfast with my camera, but at before 8 AM my brain is not thinking logically. Next week I will finally begin my workout routine again so I will be able to post before I leave for work, pictures and all! I can't WAIT for you to see my breakfast! It was so yummy and delicious! I made my oats this morning because D had to be in Clarksville (30 minutes away) to work today. I made my oats with 1/2 skim and a few splashes of vanilla soy milk, added some cinnamon, cut up a banana and a dash of Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips! The chocolate was still a little too over powering (and I think they gave me a little tummy ache) I really only need about 10 chips for the whole bowl. Okay, well I do have work to do-- so I will see you around 4:00! Hope you have a GREAT F R I D A Y!!
T G I F!!!
That's for sure! The kids were on crack today I swear! I am SO glad it's friday! I have lots of fun things planned for the weekend... well not really-- but I am SUPER excited to go shopping tomorrow for things we need to complete the house! Anyway-- back to my food.

Lunch was a repeat of dinner last night and I cannot stress enough how delicious the Heartland Perfect Balance pasta is! I had spaghetti with a romaine and spinach salad drizzled with a little Ken's. You see pictured my jell-o that I again didn't eat. I don't like the black cherry flavor either and I now understand why Cool Whip Free was the ONLY Cool Whip at the store last week. It's gross stuff people. Stick to the original or the light. So needless to say I didn't want my jell-o. I started snacking on my 15 almonds around noon and ate on them for a few hours.
It's so nice to be home now! The sun is shining (which I usually don't like) but the weather is BEAUTIFUL today! I think I might charge the iPod and go for a walk. For now I am snacking on a banana filled with crunchy peanut butter and green tea.. I REALLY was in the mood for a small cup of oaties but I left both the skim and the soy milk out of the fridge all day...... MEGA OOPS. I am enjoying my Elvis combo I have to say!

Fajitas for dinner tonight!! The hubby will be home to eat with me! (yay!) then back of to job number 2.. and house cleaning for me. :( (boo)

28 February 2008

Heartland Pasta=Whole Wheat Goodness!

Dinner was sooo yummy! I have tried whole wheat pasta in the past and it was just so gritty and gross. However, I am the queen of second chances so I gave it another whirl. Heartland brand makes a fabulous whole wheat pasta! It was so nutty and delicious. I topped my pasta with 1/2 cup tomato sauce with lean beef that I made Monday night. I also had a romaine & spinach salad with a tsp. of Ken's Light Honey Mustard.

After cleaning up and doing the dishes, I had my "snow cream" yogurt with about tsp. of Uncle Sam's Cereal. I've never actually had Uncle Sam's before as actual "cereal" but I think it would be great with some soy milk.

I hate eating alone, I feel like an old cat lady! haha. I am very thankful I have my two sweet babies to keep me company!

Okay all-- off to finish laundry, have some relaxing hot tea, and snuggle into bed! I SERIOUSLY plan to post BEFORE work tomorrow! ha! Wish me luck!

Is it Friday yet?!

I hate work after a snow day!! The kids are crazy and it feels like it should be Friday--- yet the day always runs as if it were Monday! Oh well.

On the way to work, I had my usual blueberry oaties. Tomorrow I think the bananas will be ripe enough and I'll have banana oaties!!

Lunch was d e l i c i o u s ! Last night around 10:30 PM I grilled some chicken for me and D to have today.. I had mine stuffed in half of a pita with spinach and a drizzle of honey mustard. YUM! I also had half of a bell pepper and you can see cottage cheese with pineapples pictured however, I just wasn't able to get that down. I don't like cottage cheese, but I keep making myself give it "one more try". Well, it is OFFICIAL... I don't like cottage cheese. Lunch was very skimpy so it left me wanting for more. I drank 32 oz of water along with it to try and satisfy, but by 2:00-- I was starving, so I ate 15 almonds. I wish I had a protein bar or something because that didn't do the trick either. I had only had just shy of 600 calories for the day-- so there was no wonder! I cannot have another lunch like that again!

I am home now (yay!!) and for my snack I am munching on 14 apple slices and 1 T ( or maybe a little more) of peanut butter. I also bought some new green tea last night! It's sooooo yummy! I bought Salada brand Green Tea with Orange and Strawberry. The flavors are SO rich.

Lately I have been feeling very hungry.. D did some research and found out the 3 cups of green tea I drink a day alone account for burning approx. 80 calories each day! So I need to eat a little more to compensate.
Since I am once again solo for dinner-- I might have spaghetti. I also don't know what's on the agenda today. I had a horrible day... horrible.. so I'd like to relax-- but chores have to be done :(
See ya later!

27 February 2008


Just as the snow came this morning (photo taken early this AM, more snow fell there after) it was gone! I just got home from my very long day, sat down with my new strawberry/orange green tea to transfer my pictures from my camera. I then unhooked the camera from loading (because I think it's done of course) deleted all the pictures from my camera---only to realize that oops... one of the files that I was uploading needed to be renamed! Sadly, all the pictures I took today won't be making the blog! They were SO cute!

Anyway.... I did go to Russellville today to see my Papa, go to the store for him, and cook enough food for him to eat on this week. I got him a cell phone for is birthday earlier this month, but he didn't like the case so we had to go to cingular and exchange that. He accompanied me to Wal-Mart this time, which was interesting to say the least. With driving and shopping time it pushed my lunch back to 4:15!! I was STARVING. My oaties stayed with me until about 3:00. For lunch I had my favorite deli chicken breast and spinach stuffed in a whole wheat pita. I had a low-fat cheese stick, half of a green pepper and a gala apple that I shared with my Papa. I also cooked for my Papa while I was there! I made him Turnip greens, cabbage, green beans with new potatoes, mashed potatoes, grilled chicken, and cornbread. He likes the same same same-- so next week I am sure the menu will be the same. He's a sweet thing.

By 6:30 I was finally on my way home -- and a little hungry so I had a Zone Perfect bar or something like that. I will NOT be having it again because it had WAY to much fat in it and I am a little upset that I didn't notice that before. I like to have a protien shake in the afternoon, but because I've been on the go so much I've been having these bars that just don't cut it. Back to my shake tomorrow.

Once I got back to Hopkinsville, I needed to run to Kroger to get some cookies for D and some new green tea for myself! He had already had dinner, so I asked him to saute me some broccoli and I grabbed a potato on my way home. I ate half of the potato and mixed it with the broccoli and it was very yummy. I liked it a lot.
As I am now watching my FAVORITE show Project Runway while drinking my new strawberry/orange green tea.
I do hope you enjoyed the pictures I added soley for your viewing pleasure!
Stick with me kids.. it'll be better tomorrow.

A special day...

..deserves special oatmeal! School was cancelled today due to the snow! This is the first "real" snow day we've had all year. I woke up to the sounds of kids playing outside (ironically it's the kids attached to the neighbors I owe cookies to! Today would have been a GREAT day to take them cookies.... maybe another batch in my future???) I was going to have banana oaties this morning, but the bananas weren't ripe enough for my taste. So, I (yes, I made them) my oats this morning with 1/2 cup skim milk and 1/4 cup vanilla soy milk! YUM! I loved it. After a quick eval of the pantry I decided on adding 1/3 cup craisins and 1 rounded T of Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips, because I LOVE chocolate oatie cookies. (note.. I put my 1/2 packet of splenda in the mixture before I decided on the sweet add-ins.. oops!) Needless to say I didn't need the splenda. This combo was a little too sweet for breakfast. I also didn't like the texture of the craisins. I love the way the hot blueberries burst when you eat them.. I will probably try this again with fresh berries. I also had a cup of cranberry/pomegranate green tea. All in all--- it's a winner! The roads look fine so I think I am going to make the trec to Russellville today to visit my Papa and do his grocery shopping as I do a few times a month. If not-- house cleaning and maybe I will dig a book out.

26 February 2008

Not meatloaf AGAIN?!

I LOVE the show Roseanne.. and her family like most, hate meatloaf. In one early episode Roseanne takes Darlene's Home Economics class on a field trip to buy stuff to make meatloaf. One child asks her when the meatloaf is done and she says " When the oldest child runs down stairs and says ' oh no! not meatloaf again!'" We still have one MORE serving of meatloaf.. I think I might take it to work tomorrow and share unless DL wants it. (DL- yet another nickname for the hubby.)
So here's my dinner line up.. Mini Meatloaf, Broccoli, Cantaloupe with just a smidgen of cottage cheese. I actually liked that cottage cheese so I think I will have it again tomorrow for lunch.
The magazines were stacked because I was eating solo- and will be since D has a second job now. We'll be completing our house in April so I need some inspiration!

I normally have hot tea before I go to bed but I decided to have it after dinner today. D received bad news today and I am alone and feeling depressed and tea is just so soothing. I might just have another cup before bed.

On another note-- The cookies I made for the neighbors... well... I put WAY too much cocoa in them, which I have NEVER done before. Oh well. I can try again tomorrow. :o)

Oh yes!! I received a WONDERFUL package today from my friend pixel! (an etsy friend! Might I direct you to & ) I did her a very small favor and she sent me the sweetest little package today! Below is what was wrapped in the green paper. It's a magnet with my little pixiepie doll on it!! So sweet.

God does give us what we need yet not more than we can handle. I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason. Little packages and pick me ups like this happen on days when we need them most...

G'night all!

Winter Snow

As you can tell I have to make my Breakfast, lunch, & snacks post in the late afternoon due to my work schedule. However, I plan to start making my breakfasts post BEFORE work...maybe. ha! At least I have ambition. Of course, I had my usual bowl of blueberry oaties this morning and my small nalgene.

Leftovers... Y U M! I thought the meatloaf was good last night... It was FABULOUS today! Not dry AT ALL.. I think I might have it for dinner AGAIN this evening.. I don't know. I am a creature of habit, so when I find something I like, I don't mind to eat it 50 days in a now. So lunch was 2 "muffins", broccoli from last night, 1/4 cup cantaloupe balls and some sugar free lime jello with a small tablespoon of cool whip free. I didn't care for the lime jell-o, but I ate the cool whip anyway! I love my lunch buddies and lunch conversation was interesting as always!


Today I think I just got the munchies--so over a period of about an hour I ate 15 almonds (not photographed, sorry.) A while later I had the other half of my Luna Peppermint Stick-and I savored every last bite! Seriously... try it!

This afternoon when I got home from work it started to snow! So beautiful. I love to watch snow fall. So I made some Citrus Green tea and had a snack of apples and peanut butter. My favorite afternoon snack.

Since my hubby is now working two jobs, my houseload has just increased. This evening I plan to make some LONG overdue cookies for my next door neighbor--they mowed our lawn this summer when we first bought our house in and I am JUST now getting around to making them thank- you cookies... horrible, I know. And of course laundry and prepping all of tomorrows meals for the two of us. Oh sad.. the snow is stopping.. I guess that means my snow watching is over....

25 February 2008

Meatloaf Heaven!

Okay... I am not really a meatloaf fan and these Meatloaf "Muffins" were D E L I C I O U S ! Seriously... make them tomorrow night! They are only 276 calories for TWO! D (yet another nick name for my husband) LOVED them. He kept saying over and over again how wonderful they were... which of course makes me very happy to feed his tummy with yummy foods. I paired the meatloaf with broccoli sauteed with a glove of garlic and sauteed spinach with a bit of honey and sliced almonds. The almonds didn't do a whole lot for me, so I will skip that next time. I like the spinach steamed in the microwave rather than sauteed in olive oil as well. This recipe is a keeper! Okay all.. Day one has really been a lot of fun. I am going to like this food blog thing. Off to send some e-mail, do some cleaning and watch "Jon & Kate Plus 8". See ya in the AM!

Numero Uno.

Okay.. well I have not done a very good job AT ALL taking pictures of what I've eaten! I forget the snacks! Give me time and I will remember.
So I also woke up FOURTY minutes late this morning.. but I was VERY proud that I was somehow able to get ready-- shower and all in 20 minutes flat and make it to work only 7 minutes late! So here I am on my way to work, quite impressed at how pulled together I look! ha!

I always start the day off with oatmeal!! I love some oatmeal. I had to have rice cakes one morning because Dustin (who makes my breakfast & lunch EVERY morning) kept making the oats bubble over in the microwave and I was famished one hour later! My oaties keep me full until my lunch. As you can see, I eat my breakfast on my way to work as well! Have you gotten the idea that I am not a morning person AT ALL?! Actually, my oaties were steaming so I had to wait until I got to work to eat them today. However, no matter where I eat them, they're always delicious and satisfying! These are Quick Cook Oats because Gilbey hasn't quite figured out how to microwave rolled oats, although I tell him how. Either way, I am just thankful he makes them for me! I use 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 water & 1/2 skim milk.. however I think tomorrow I will use only skim milk because it was just TOO watery today. I generally use half-n-half when it's 1% milk. I also have half a packet of splenda and about 1/3 cup blueberries, although I'd LOVE more berries in it.

LUNCH at 10:30?!

Yes... I have to eat lunch when half of America isn't even out of bed yet.. I know. My lunch consisted of Natures Own Double Fiber Wheat Bread with 1/2 t Kens Light Honey Mustard, 4 slices of my favorite Oscar Meyer Deli Chicken and about 10 leafs of Baby Spinach! YUM! (sorry, I took a bite before I remembered to take the picture!) You see pictured carrots AND green peppers.. the peppers were horrible, so I didn't eat those (only making me hungry by the end of the day.) Okay... and I am SO EXCITED about the next item!! MY NEW YOGURT!!!!!!!!! Dannon makes this LOVELY Low Sugar/Low Carb yogurt.. but my store only carried strawberry.. so after WEEKS AND WEEKS of eating ONLY strawberry yogurt... they FINALLY had VANILLA! I was in HOG HEAVEN! It tastes JUST like luscious snow cream! I wish I had some Fiber to put in the yogurt. I my new yogurt!

Because my breakfast is SO early, I eat a snack around 2 PM. Last night I bought a Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna Bar... let me tell you.. SO FREAKIN' GOOD! I ate 1/2 of it. 30 minutes later my tummy was still growling, so I also had 15 raw almonds. Around 4:30 I was STILL growling.. which is SO odd.. I guess it's because I had only consumed approx 700 cal for the day so I had 2 T peanut butter and 5 small apple slices. My calorie count for the day is 843 so far. I will have a filling dinner around 7:00. We are having Mini Meatloaf Muffins tonight! I have never made them, but we're both REALLY excited to have them. See ya then!

24 February 2008


Hello to all who might stumble across my new little food blog.

I read several food blogs daily and have decided to start my own, for my own accountability mainly. I figure if I REALLY log what I eat and do daily AND I know others are reading.. it's a GREAT way to keep me accountable!

I am on a weight loss journey. I have a new way of eating.. a nice lifestyle change! (if only Gilbey will join in!) ((Gilbey=Husband..who is really named Dustin)) I have been eating healthy since January 6, 2008 and have already lost 25 lbs! Last week I had a horrible sinus infection and only ate my staple "sick foods": Campbell's Noodle Soup, Saltines, and half of a Peanut Butter Sammie... so I managed to gain 2 lbs back-- bringing my weight loss down to 23 lbs.. but that's fine. So what better time to start my blog NOW when I "begin" my "diet" again. I would love the support and accountability from YOU! Welcome to my weight loss journey! (that will hopefully end in pregnancy!!) ((Yes, I want to lose weight for many reasons... one being that I am not getting any younger and we want babies eventually.)) See ya tomorrow for Breakfast!!