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31 March 2008

Spring is in the air!

You can really tell the seasons (and full moons) by observing the kids at school. They have cabin fever and they stink! Spring is here!! They stink because 1. they have gym 2. the heat is still on in the buildings because it was cold yesterday! It's hard to regulate the heating an cooling of a building when the controls are in another building across town. Anyhow, Spring is here and it makes me a little happier I have to say. The sunshine just needs to be dim is all.

FOR BREAKFAST I wanted a sammie but we both got up late so I had oats instead. D put the last of my macerated berries in with 1/4 t of choco chips. However, the berries were bad :( I kept them too long. I kind of ate around them.

Lunch was boring, even I have to say. I haven't been cooking meals since I've been busy and he's been working so I had to settle for the remainder of the green peppers and a chicken sammie. Everything was good, just boring. As you see I had sugar free jell-o with cool whip as well.

At work I snacked on 10 almonds very slowly for a few hours. I made a protein shake with 3/4 c horizon and 1/4 c soy. Yuck-o. I tried to make myself drink it but the smell was so horrible I just couldn't stomach it any longer. Now I HATE to waste food...but this had to go!!! Once I was home this afternoon I had 1 T of peanut butter, a land o lakes colby/jack cheese square and about 7 kashi TLC's. I LOVE peanut butter and cheese!! I used to make little crackers with ritz, pb and that easy squirt cheese! haha.. they were good.

Tonight I am going to Clarksville with my mom to get our Salad Spinners!!! Ahhh! I don't know why I didn't buy this spinner a month ago! Well, I do know why, D thought it was dumb since we already have one (a crappy one) from Wal-Mart. Since luck was on my side a few days ago, I doubt I will have it today. I am sure they'll be sold out. I'm SO optimistic! I just love it.
Okay kids... Gotta fold some laundry before I leave. Hope you're Monday was Magnificent!

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