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15 March 2008

Weight Watchers @ Applebees

So I hung out with my parents tonight. It's always a fun time. They finally got their ducks in a row around 7:30 so we left to run some errands and go to Applebees. I did my research before we left and chose entrees from several different restaurants so I was ready! Applebee's has a Weight Watchers Menu. I ordered Steak & Portobello's with steamed broccoli and substituted fresh fruit in place of roasted potatoes. The steak and mushrooms were FABULOUS! They came with brown gravy that I ordered on the side and it was pretty good as well. I do not really care for steamed veggies because I like mine to have a bite to them still. Which is why I saute. I mean the broccoli was fine I guess. Okay.. so when I ordered fresh fruit, I thought I'd be getting melons and strawberries. WRONG. I got 3 slices of apple and 2 slices of pineapple--- which was fine. Those fruits just have more sugar and carbs, but at least I like them. The pineapple was horrible. I have never had pineapple that tasted so awful. It was HARD. Ugh.. anyway.. there is no picture! We waited FOREVER for our food to come out and by the time it came, I was completely just ready to eat! I never eat dinner as late as 8:30 and without a snack today really, I was starving! Sorry guys. Of course to compensate, I have a funny picture for you!

I love you D! :o)

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