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18 May 2008


Hi guys.

I don't know what it is but I am in a SLUMP right now. A slump where I feel like doing....nothing.

I am currently re-evaluating a lot of things in my life and I just honestly don't feel like blogging about my food right now.

Honest truth. That's my reality. I do this EVERY summer. I go through a phase of low self worth and a feeling of failure. I think it's too much sunshine really. haha. All this sunshine and HEAT makes me FEEL like I should be cheery and happy...gosh it just makes me feel horrible. It's such a time of rebirth for my surroundings, however I always put a giant shell on and bury my soul deep with in that's where I am.
D will also have the camera this week in DC so I won't have pictures anyway. (not that I have been posting! haha)

I'll give you a "life" update though!

Let's see... You know we did all those house stuff. I have FINALLY picked out curtain fabric for the ENTIRE house!! (PRAISE GOD!!) It's been HARD since I'm picky.

I begin teaching a bible study in 2 weeks at my house which I am very excited about.

I have 8 million baby blankets to make since the entire world is having babies. Seriously.. honest to GOD I would have a baby right now if it would pop out a toddler. I just do NOT want an infant!! D and I have opened up the foster discussion once again. We really just need to go to a meeting and get it out of our systems!

My Papa gave us a lawn mower but it died upon one use. We don't buy anything on credit unless it's interest free so we have 12 months to pay for our new TORO mower! I might actually get on that thing! So that's exciting I guess.

We have a YARD SALE coming up in June, which is very exciting. I love my Yard Sales.. I go most Saturdays.

I need to find a time to have my in-laws over for a big Birthday Celebration but D is never off... so it's hard.

I have applied for an Adult Education job at the Community College.. fingers crossed and little prayers sent up would be appreciated!

Hmmm.. I go to the Dr. tomorrow to have my knees checked out. They're hurting like MAD lately making FIRMing very difficult. I suspect something new is torn. :(

Okay.. I think that about sums it up. I am still in a funky-funk.

Maybe I should change my blog to LIVING FREE FROM FAT FUNKY FUNK. Hmm. :o)

07 May 2008

My Life= Crazy!

Hi Guys!! I should have known this would happen. Every Year when Spring Break hits.. it's as if the kids morph into gnarling monster's and time well... time is non existent in the "free" sense that is. Anyhow I am SO busy! With work, D having 2 jobs, my Papa and everything else, TRYING to keep up on working out my "free" "me" time is VERY low. My PLAN is to update my blog ONCE a week on SATURDAY'S through the month of May. I was telling D that with the stress that May brings in general (Lot's of B-day's, Mother's Day, END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR---that's number one, etc.) I simply CANNOT believe I negotiated buying a house this time last year. It's a TRUE miracle I made it through that one! haha!! So that's the plan STAN! :o) You're not really missing much right now. I am as always eating oats for breakfast like clock work.. except on the weekends when I eat a turkey bacon, egg, cheese sammie muffin OR cereal. My lunch is just as interesting as ever and since I am too busy to cook We eat a lot of subbies and I eat salads and potatoes! MMM! :o) Tomorrow night I AM finally cooking for D so I might throw up a little picture.. but it's his b-day celebration. And by celebration I mean I am baking a cake, cooking dinner, renting a movie and giving him a card.. lol. I haven't planned his "real" party yet. He's going to DC at the end of the month... that should be his party! lol. A week away from me!! I HAVE however stumbled across MANY fine funny things here in Hopkinsville...hehe.. you just wait!! Thanks for being troopers and understanding!! I have lost 2 more lbs.. Please.. do a happy dance for me. :o)

03 May 2008

Longest Week Ever.

You heard that!!!

I'll be back after dinner with updates.