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07 March 2008

Winter Storm Warning?!

in March? Anyway, it's snowing here.. just a little snow + ice mixer. My car completely frozen and I don't feel like "defrosting" it so I will not be getting any groceries today. Sunday is my shopping day and I guess I will stick to it. Plus my throat feels all icky and the last place I need to be is outside.

Okay kids... Breakfast! I had banana oaties! I bought my bananas at a different store this week and they ripened much quicker and are more tasty than the other bananas. Yum! I used 3/4 c milk, 1/2 c oaties, a splash of soy milk, a TON of cinnamon.. if I had to guesstimate the amount.. maybe 2 1/2 tsp. that's a lot of cinnamon.. and half of a large banana. Yum! I should have made hot tea, but it was an afterthought so I just had water to drink with my oats. As far as plans for the day, I need to clean the house some, but I just really think I should rest. Maybe'll make some hot tea and read my book!! It's a lazy snow day/feel better day afterall.... :o)

Where's this Winter Storm?

So far this are no signs of a winter storm, just flurries with minimal ice. Either way, I like the gloomy light peering through the windows. My throat hurts today. I should go to the doctor-- but I won't. I will self medicate until I feel better then hope I don't get sick again. I mean I just SAW a doctor this week and I will see one next week so that will do. This morning I worked on a T-shirt for this kid at school. Long story made short, I owe him a "puff painted" t-shirt. He drew on it and now I am painting it all up for him. Let's see.... I feel like I've been going all day but I haven't really done anything. I cleaned the kitchen...and uhm.. that's all.

Of course I ate lunch too. Same as yesterday-- some soup! Campbell's Noodle Soup with 7 multigrain crackers and half of a peanut butter sammie with only 1 T of pbutter. I also had the rest of my banana from breakfast with 1/2 t peanut butter. I didn't need the pbutter... it would have been great without it. I like chunky pbutter with my bananas, but we didn't have any. Mental Note. I am feeling beat... but I don't feel like a nap either... I will take my advise from this morning, make some tea and read my book....if I doze off.. great.

I almost forgot! The UPS man has visited my house what feels like every day this week bringing Dustin various things. TODAY he brought the crown jewel!!! The LITTER KWITTER! (isn't the box HILARIOUS! lol.. I cannot believe we bought this.. but I truly believe it will work.. cat's are smart.) That's right kids, we're training these cats to use the toilet! Luckily we have 2 bathrooms, so they can use the spare. I am SO excited about this I cannot tell you!! Believe it or not, the genius behind this product came when a cat owner watched Meet the Fockers! She decided to train her cat to do the same. It came at the PERFECT time too.. as Izzy just got her stitches out and she is able to use litter again. Cats REALLY are the perfect pets (if you know me AT ALL... you're laughing now, I am sure..because you know I used to DESPISE cats.) especially if they can be trained to use a human toilet! I'll keep you updated on their progress.

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