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16 March 2008

An old favorite

Reborn of course! I LOVE LOVE Muffins with bacon, egg, & cheese. D's dad made me one years ago and I was hooked ever since! When I worked at McDonald's (and gained 800 lbs mind you) I ate them every day! Today D made me one using a whole wheat muffin, 1 egg cooked in cooking spray (that as you can see dominated the sammie!), 2 slices of turkey bacon (that I LOVED) and a slice of regular cheese. It was great! I need it to keep me satisfied until about 1:30, so we'll see if it can do the trick! This could be even more healthy if I had used low fat cheese and just an egg white. Even now it was 339 calories, but 16 grams of fat. Which isn't bad because everyday I come in well under my fat for the day! So I'll be fine. This week I have just maintained my weight loss. Tomorrow I begin my workouts in the AM and walks hopefully in the PM. Weather permitting. We've had a cold weekend come through. Okay guys! See ya for lunch!

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