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06 March 2008

Let's Play CATCH UP!!

Hello... I am feeling much better but not tip top.. I am sure sleeping ALL day has helped me. D gave my Ny Quil instead of Day Quil because he thought I needed to rest. ha! Either way, I feel better.

Snack: 6 Premium Multigrain Crackers with 1 T peanut butter.

Dinner: Sick meal! What I ALWAYS eat when I am sick. Campbell's Noodle Soup, 6 multigrain crackers (you see many more crackers pictured because that's how many crackers I used to eat with my soup. I KNOW I don't need that many crackers, so I only ate six.) and a peanut butter sammie on my Nature's Own Bread. I also wanted some ice cream...but D was in charge of getting it. I told him to find the "best" for me or to get DIBS.. well of course being a man, and with me having said to get DIBS... he didn't even look for anything else, he just bought the DIBS! Oh well.. I had about 10 Mint Chocolate DIBS, which was less than half of the serving size.
I did get up this morning after I called into work and made some oaties. I had banana oaties chocked full of cinnamon and love. They sure were good! Sorry the picture looks gross.. sometimes I like to stir the bananas in so I wanted you to see that. Shortly after breakfast, back to bed I went. I woke up around 11 dazed, confused, and hungry! My sweet Gilbey had everything laid out on the counter for me so I could quickly make my soup!! I of course had Campbell's Noodle Soup with 6 multigrain crackers and a peanut butter sammie. Making this soup made me so dizzy I just wanted to sleep again... so yeah.. another nap.

Later I had a sweet gala and 1 T of peanut butter. Around 5:30 I was starving.. and for no good reason..but I decided to eat dinner anyway. I was not in the mood for soup nor did I feel like cooking seeing as watching TV made me dizzy... so I made some oaties. I used the rest of the banana from breakfast, and made my oats with 1/2 soy, 1/2 skim, but I really couldn't tell a difference. I also added 1 T of semisweet chips. I love my oaties. Seriously.. eat and love your oaties. I will admit that D was eating cereal this morning and it made me want cereal. This week at the store I think I will buy some for myself.

I have had the munchies today.. BIG TIME..Holly, who I work with, also had this virus last week and she told me she was very hungry. I decided to have some hot tea since it takes a while to drink you know... Good choice. I love Salada tea.. the flavors are SO vibrant and rich.

I have also failed to mention my weight loss for the week! As of Monday I managed to loose the 2 lbs I gained along with an additional pound. This brings my weight loss down to 26 lbs in 2 months. Thank you Baby Jesus! I am on my way. Now for even bigger news.... No School Tomorrow! Christian County Public Schools met with the National Weather Service today and they advised us to cancel. We have the potential to have up to 10 inches within the next 36 hours. D called me from Wal-Mart and he says there is no milk, bread, chips, water... the list goes on. This stinks because we need milk! Hopefully they will restock over night. If not.. D will have to drink soy milk..which I think is funny. Now I know my Aimee (who is in Chicago) is laughing at our meeting with the National Weather System... don't forget your roots Aimee! ha! I love you.

Okay... after being upset about the buns D bought having HFCS in them... I took a CLOSER look at my sammie bread only to find that it too has HFCS in it. Now.. I live in a small ghetto KY town and the closet Whole Foods or ANY health foods store is in Nashvegas. It is not feasible for me to travel to Nashville just to buy better quality foods. I do not have the pocket book to pay 4$ a loaf of bread at Kroger. All this being said.. I am doing the best I can.. the best I can and I think is pretty good. :o) Love ya'll... thanks for all the well wishes!

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