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17 March 2008

Happy GREEN Day! **UPDATED**

I don't even know the meaning behind St. Patty's Day.. something I should look up really. I mean I DID wear green today. I even had little green tigers for the kids to wear if they needed some green. Oh yes.. green tigers because that's our mascot. They were HIGHLY popular, but then again anything I do is! ha!! :o)
Breakfast: Strawberry/Banana oaties with mini chocolate chips. It was CREAMY and DELICIOUS!! D did a SUPER job today! I had a banana on it's last leg and strawberries on their last leg-- so I had D make a combo. He threw the chocolate in himself. I don't care for the mini chips as much.. I mean if I am going to eat chocolate.. I want to TASTE it!
Lunch: (taken with my cell phone.. the picture is really much better than the ones taken with my regular camera!)Deli Chicken Sammie on my NQDF bread. I had the BEST broccoli ever! It was so tender, peppery and just plain satisfying. I also had a low-fat cheese stick and strawberry yogurt.

Snacks Snacks... 15 almonds and a Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna Bar. I mean this bar truly is delicious. The SMELL alone makes me full! ha. Not really but you know what I mean. My co-worker smelled it and knows I eat these and asked for a bite! She liked it as well! On the way to Russellville, I ate 2 T of peanut butter. However, while we were cooking tonight my mom wanted to try these Toll House Crackers my Aunt had. They are the ones that are pretzel on one side and cracker on the other side. I had WAY to many of them. Maybe 17 crackers. The serving size is only 5! This is what I get for talking while eating. I always TRY to put my food on a plate before I eat so that I have counted out the serving size and that's all I eat. Oh well.. so much for that tonight. Dinner: Let's first talk about how much I LOVE these plates I ate off of. I've always liked these plates. I guess because the remind me of my childhood. Everyone else ate off the horrible cream Corelle that matches the glass I was drinking out of. I hate eating off those plates, they are the UGLIEST plates ever. I found a picture on goolge for you. I HATE them. Anyhow.. a bit a very random information for you... sorry. (also you know you can click on any picture to get a full size of the image) My Papa bought turnips a few weeks ago do I would cook them for him next time I was down. Well, I have NEVER made turnips before. I called D and had him google it for me. Come to find out you slice them, boil them in water like potatoes, then add bacon grease. Well, I heard was "like potatoes, bacon grease" so I diced them like you would potatoes. So my mom and Papa hounded me for dicing them because I should have known to slice them. I didn't see the big deal you're going to cut them before you eat them. I just saved my Papa a step really. So I boiled the things and added bacon grease when they were done. Yum, I know. My Papa liked them. Anyhow, My mom brought with her pinto beans she made last night and while we were there she made limas (she reserved some for me before she added the butter and sugar) corn and cornbread. I grilled, no lie, 2 lbs of chicken for them to eat on this week. They LOVE my grilled chicken which could not be easier. It's just chicken, seasoned with seasoning and put on the George for 5-6 minutes. EASY. So for dinner I ate a piece of chicken with Ms. Dash salt free Garlic and Herb seasoning, Lima Beans seasoned with pepper and a smidge of Smart Balance, and a cut up green pepper. I shared the pepper with my Papa... or rather he kept eating it off my plate! I only had about 4 slices because it wasn't cold like I like it and I ate all those crackers so I didn't really want it! I LOVED spending time with my family though. My Papa thrives on that time together. I mean he's lonely you know? He eats every meal alone. It's sad. Tonight I've also added a picture of my water because I drink A LOT of water a day-- over 80 oz and I don't give my water enough credit on this blog.

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