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13 March 2008

This too shall pass....

That's a little phrase I have always told myself for many many years now. It applies to today as well. I just need to keep telling myself alll day today that "this too shall pass" I am a nervous wreck and could not sleep. Lucky you! A bit of an early posting. However I have no pictures, nor have I even eaten breakfast. I know I will have oaties in some form.

Today after work I head to Russellville to do shopping/cooking for my Papa. I will be home late late tonight. I am not sure if I will post another "mega" day tonight or if I will wait until tomorrow. I DO know that my meals will consist of soup, soup, and more soup! ha! :o) See ya!

Hi All! It's 10:02 PM and I am just walking in the door! So I am going to make this short and sweet! :o) Let me start out by saying it's been a horrible "diet" day, but oh well. "This too shall pass.." that was my motto today right?! I like "it is what it is" better for today.

Okay Breakfast: Oaties made with 2/3 c skim, a banana mushed all in because of the need to eat "soft foods" and 12 chocolate chips. The mashed banana was weird and I didn't care for it. I like the whole bananas better but that involves chewing.. however you should see what else I ate today.
Lunch: Well this is funny. On my way to lunch I just had this feeling that I was forgetting something but just couldn't quite put my finger on it. I ate my entire lunch and was making hot tea when I realized I left my camera in the classroom! ha! So I am sorry. It was a VERY small lunch today. Progresso Healthy Something Veggie Beef (blah.) Mixed Fruit Sugar Free Jell-o with cool-whip (made with 3 cups of water instead of 2 because I was talking to the hubby! However it still tasted fine.) and a cup of hot tea. I only ate 2/3 of the soup-- you know enough to eat the veggies out. Now by the end of lunch I hadn't even consumed 400 calories.. shameful. So I was dying around 1:00. (my lunch is at 10:30 don't forget) I decided to have my new Blueberry Vanilla Mix 1 shake. (Blah) It smelled like rotten toes! I had to hold my nose to drink it. The kids thought it was funny though. I only drank half of it because I had no break time today and It coated my stomach enough.

Snack: I am stupid and forgot to pack or buy any portable "soft food". I KNEW I desperately needed calories and EVERYTHING so I decided to run by McDonald's for a hamburger because they're "soft". I am so stupid. See, the doctor needed to tell me a "no chew diet" instead of a "soft foods diet". I mean of course I had to CHEW the burger, that was gross by the way, but it did the trick. Even WITH the sammie I was well under cals, carb AND fat. So I didn't beat my self up about it. I just think it's ironic how I was JUST talking about how I don't want to put fast food in my body then I go get some. Well, I needed to get to R-ville and I was reminded of how gross McDonald's truly is.

My plans for the evening were to go to the store for my Papa, grab some soup there and cook dinner. That was a HUGE deciding factor in getting the hamburger! He However, had other plans. He wanted to go to Roy's. Roy's is a country BBQ place with NOTHING healthly. Oh well. :) Their salads are horrible because it's bag lettuce and no one orders them because.. well their BBQ is great. I decided to just go ahead and blow it and eat BBQ. My Papa LOVES to eat at Roy's so I just enjoyed my day with him. I do have to say that my favorite thing about this place is their ice water with lemon. It cracks me up everytime.

I had a BBQ Pork sammie on cornbread, baked beans and a baked potato. I also ordered cole slaw for my Papa that he literally MADE me share with him. All in all, I ate all of my BBQ 3/4 of 3/4 of cornbread, 1/4 of the beans, and about 3/4 of my potato. Oh yes, I had gosh.. however many bites of coleslaw he pushed toward me. We both wanted desert so we shared a banana pudding. IT WAS HEAVEN.... I enjoyed every last bite of it.. and it was even better because I got to share it with my Pap. I have no picture of this because by the time I had my camera ready to go-- he had his fork already in it and was going to town! He's so cute! He told me at least 5 times how much "better" I looked with my hair short. Man, I didn't know I looked so bad before! ha! :o)

I mean what do you do? Life happens. Sorry to disapiont anyone with my foods today. My ear feels a little better, I must say. It's all relative. So I am just going to eat SOFTER foods.. forget all this soup it's for people who have their jaws wired shut. (which hopefully isn't going to be me.)

Okay. Crappy day, but tomorrow will be better! ;o) I leave you with a truly adorable picture of my Papa. This will make you smile.

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