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18 March 2008

You're My Medicine...

Just another song lyric. Lisa Loeb "Snow Day" I heard it on the way to work this morning. Again, has nothing to do with my day other than I just love my husband and I guess he is kind of like my medicine because he always makes me feel better! :o)

Breakfast: Today's pictures are all courtesy of my camera phone! (except dinner.. it's taken with the digital.)I wanted to see how it would work for all day because I hate lugging my camera around. For breakfast I had one whole wheat english muffin left that needed to be eaten so D made me a Turkey Bacon, Egg and Cheese sammie! It was VERY good!

Lunch: Sorry to be SUCH a bore- but it was again the SAME thing I had yesterday, and I will have it again tomorrow. Let's just let the pictures speak for themselves today! Snacks: 15 almonds you know of course and my protein shake. I completely forgot to take a picture of my shake! I mean it's the same Chocolate Shake I usually have. I use Optimum Way Gold Standard Protein Powder and Skim Milk. It's really delicious. Today I guzzled it down! It gave me a tummy ache. Whenever I used to eat really rich ice cream or drink to much milk, my belly would ache. I think I am slightly lactose intolerant. Maybe like lactose irritable! lol. I am silly. I didn't have a snack before dinner today because we went grocery shopping. Let me TELL you how enjoyable it was to shop! NO ONE was shopping! I LOVED IT! You know I dislike the general public.

Dinner: I tried a new recipe tonight, that will not be repeated. It was good, don't get me wrong... just not something we want again. I made Mango/Apricot/Cranberry Couscous with Lime, Almonds and Cilantro. I also sauteed little shrimp. I seasoned them with Caribbean Jerk Seasoning. However I LOADED the seasoning on them, which is why they look so dark and gross. Those little suckers were HOT!! I don't LIKE hot. Luckily the couscous was sweet so it balanced the spiciness. Since I just bought 3 lbs of broccoli that only I will be eating, I had broccoli. Just for you I added a picture of my water glass with a touch of lime. I love lemon/lime water.

Later tonight I will have my new treat!! I bought Skinny Cow Double Dipper Popsicles! (I had a coupie.) They look DELISH! I will come back and post a picture later. They are Vanilla and Mint half dipped in chocolate!! I plan to have the mint. I bought 2 boxes because I got them cheaper that way! I SURE hope I like them!

Again guys sorry for the oober late post, but my days are long. Of course thanks SO much for reading. :o) You'll never know what it does for me.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

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