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11 March 2008

A long day means a late dinner...

... but it was a DELICIOUS dinner! At least I thought it was... D only just "liked" it. HE deserves a prize though, he ate broccoli!!! He HATES broccoli. I do not know how ANYONE could hate it! It's so peppery delicious raw, then it gets almost fruity sweet when cooked. I am VERY proud of my big boy for eating his veggies!
I made pasta with chicken and veggies! SO DELISH! Okay.. so here goes. Heartland Angel Hair Pasta, Grilled Chicken, Sauteed Zucchini and Broccoli (SO GOOD! I didn't even need the chicken except for protein value) all dressed with a lemon oil. I used 2 tsp of fresh lemon juice and a little under 1/4 c olive oil. My Pasta is topped with 1 tsp fresh parmesan. This made 4 big servings! I have a feeling that it's going to be MY lunch that's envied tomorrow! Now.. I ate more pasta than I should have given the carb load. Next time I eat this I will have a lower carb breakfast and lunch. I didn't plan very well for this meal today. I had planned on having shrimp for dinner but D was off and this is what he wanted, so I was happy to oblige. Now as I type I am drinking hot tea. You need to know this for accountability of course. Again... I really want new tea!! Hopefully I can find some in Clarksvegas this weekend.
Maybe I should have long days more often because tonight I even made the neighbors cookies! There is no way I can goof up slice and bake cookies! They really appreciated it a lot. I like those neighbors, I'd REALLY like to be friends with them. Okay guys.. I like to be in bed by now.. so I am going to wash and brush and hit the hay. After a breeze through Italy of course....Eat, Pray, Love style!
Woo!! I go to the ENT in the AM! See ya!!

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