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26 March 2008

Do a little dance...

That's what I did this morning when I discovered I've lost 30 pounds! That's THREE ZERO!! Woo! I am on my way. I have also decided that I do indeed what children. This is something I have been torn about for the past several years for reasons that shall not be discussed here. The light bulb came on yesterday at school. There are some kids that I absolutely ADORE (who don't have the greatest home life)and I think how much greater that love can be when the child is MY OWN. D and I both feel strongly about the possibility of adoption. It's something we've looked in to and will probably pursue later in our lives. It's a huge step and such a life changing one at that.

Anyhow.. For my celebratory breakfast I had Strawberry Banana Oaties with Chocolate. D put TONS of chocolate on those oats! A little too much for me. I ate them anyway of course!

You know the spoiler.. lunch was a repeat of last nights dinner! It was so delicious that I wouldn't mind having it again tonight! I get on kicks and stay on them for a while, in case you haven't realized. *wink, wink* For those of you who don't know what I had last night and those that need a refresher: Grilled Chicken Salad with Ken's and Shredded Parm-o. I also had Sugar Free Mixed Fruit Jell-o with chocolate cool-whip. Gross. I needed just regular cool whip for this one! Oh! I forgot that I ate Kashi crackers. They were just great with the salad.

I stayed very very full today and I attribute that to my large water intake. However at 2:30 I very SLOWLY drank my homemade protein shake, only to STILL get a tummy ache :( I am thinking of making my shake with soy milk. This afternoon when I got home around 4:30 I topped a pita with peanut butter and my left over banana half from this morning. I could have done without the pita. It was a poor choice.

Tonight I have tons of stuff to do. My little church group is going to Shoney's for dinner...there is nothing I CAN and WANT to eat there so I will be packing my own dinner along. That is IF I get going! It's 5:00 now and I still need to post pictures, pack a dinner AND get to my mom's by 5:30! eep! See ya later!

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