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05 March 2008

Sick and stuff

I am sick. 100% sick. So this will be quick because I just want to lay down.

Breakfast: Blueberry Oaties. (oats, 3/4 c skim, splash of soy, 1/4 c blueberries) I missed my banana! Am I EVER satisfied? ha!

Lunch: No Photo! I was feeling very sick by now and I was half way through my meal before I even realized I didn't snap one single photo. A guy I work with said "Woah.. you really are sick!" He hit the nail right on the head. I had 1 piece of NODF bread, My Deli Chicken with Ken's and a a little bit of spinach. A low fat cheese stick, a few green peppers, 3 triscuts from a co-worker, and Black Cherry Jell-0 (sugar free of course) with a dollop of cool-whip. I also ate my 15 almonds at lunch.

Snack: I tried a new Protein Shake. It was good and I might get it again. The only problem was all the sugar!! 22 g of sugar. It was VERY sweet. It's all natural + organic. I liked it. It made me feel better.. seriously. MIX 1 Protein shake, mix berry flavor. I am going to do some research on them and see if I want to get them again.

I am off to nap now. I have that wanna be flu virus that I've been told is going around.

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