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25 March 2008

I wanna know...

Who you are!! You guys rarely leave comments and this little blog gets a decent amt. of clicks daily. I only know a handful of daily readers so I am giving you an assignment! Introduce yourself, if you like of course. I understand if you want to keep your identity a secret. I try to stay incognito most of the time too. Ms. Gilbert expects you to get an A + on this assignment. Please don't be like our kids and ignore the fact that you've been given homework! haha. Speaking of homework...the school board had a meeting tonight and brought their brains along with them. They overturned their original decision and gave us our spring break back and tacked the remaining days on to the end of the year like we VOTED on. :o) What's YOUR good news for the day?

Thanks for reading guys.
Much Love,
Steff (who is off to have bed time tea & read!)


Shandela said...

I am shandela and i found your blog through a friend of yours who was on my Brother in laws blog and you are hilarious. much kudos to you for your hard work. I am getting ready to do gastric bypass but you have given me a lot of encouragement.

Amanda said...

Hi, I am Amanda. A fellow penthouse chick. I found your blog because you told me if I did not read it you would fly across the country and hit me with a pillow. I love your blog and you have made me crave peanut butter and apples everyday. I would start my day with oaties, but I am quite attached to my yogurt and Honey Bunches of oats (together is delish!).

steff. said...

Hello Shandela! Nice to meet you and thanks for reading. I am excitited for your up coming surgery. I have friends and family members who have had g.bypass. You can do it!! Once you start eating healthy, your cravings for other things really do go away. Food is a mind game really. What other blog do you read?

Amanda- haha.. well I was hoping you WOULDN'T read so I COULD fly across the country. gosh. I have gotten tired of the peanut butter and apples. Now I'm all about some bananas and peanut butter on a carb. lol. I need to go back to the apples! When I eat yogurt in the AM I am hungry an hour later. I need the strength to yell at these monsters all day. haha. Love ya.

sassy said...

Oh, I am late for this one. Darn internet breaking!
I'm Sarah. Found your blog from the other food pictorials I read.
At the moment I am trying to normalise my eating after years of restricting and bingeing intermittently from dieting.
Allowing myself food when I want it and not using a good or bad mindset, for myself or the food, when it comes to eating is my goal.
Seeing what other peeps, of all different sizes are eating has helped destigmatise food in a way for me.
The grinning spirit I see shining through in your photos is one of the things that draws me to this blog in particular.
Cheers, and send me an email if you ever want to find out more :)

steff. said...

Sarah- I am proud of you for taking control of your life and eating habits. It's hard, I know-- but also so fulfilling to be in control again. That's why I love food blogs too-- I like to SEE what people eat! I always ask "yeah.. but WHAT do you eat?" (to lose weight) Thanks for reading. You can e-mail me your e-mail at: if you'd like.