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04 April 2008


SPRING BREAK! is HERE!! I am off, D is off (!!!) and it's going to be a GREAT week of HARD work! The end result will be SO satisfying! The things we're doing to the house are mostly cosmetic and they would have been done by now but last summer I drove D nuts trying to do everything at once that he fizzled out and I just got mad. When we were ready to pick things back up, we found out that my Nana had cancer and our lives were put on hold. However spring brings new beginnings! I am ready to get these minor adjustments set in stone baby!!
Since we have no milk, I had a breakfast sammie this morning. Whole Wheat Muffin, Egg, Turkey Bacon, and Cheese. MMmm Good. Oh yes, and a glass of ice water. I really wanted a banana sammie but we didn't have any bananas! Today we're running mucho errands and spending mucho money! Wish me luck! see ya for lunch!!

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