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30 April 2008

Can you say long day?

I can...times 2!! This has been the LONGEST week of my LIFE and it's not even over yet!!! Yesterday felt like 5 days in itself. I don't even want to talk about yesterday it was so bad.
Let's cut to the food.

Breakfast---BOTH DAYS chocolate banana oaties.

Lunch- Tuesday---I have no picture because as I was going to lunch I was told I had to give a student a test... I had to stop what I was doing, get the student and take him to lunch. Then take him BACK to a room where he could eat (he couldn't be around other kids since he hadn't taken the state test for the day) THEN march myself to the lounge and eat. When I sat down I realized I'd left my camera in the room. Do you REALLY think I cared at that point? Well no. OF ALL DAYS to forget the camera in the room too!! I didn't have the USUAL lunch! haha. I ate a salad with parm and honey mustard, 1/2 a can of tuna and yogurt with fiber one. I probably eat way more fiber one than I should with my yogurts. Darn that free sample! hehe! TODAY for lunch I had subway left over from last night. (sorry for the spoiler) I have a picture. check it out!! :o) Well... I just realized I left my camera at school!!! Pics will have to wait until tomorrow. :o(
Snack--- Luna Bars-- BOTH DAYS. I didn't have an extra afternoon snack either day because I didn't have time to grab one.

Dinner: TUESDAY: Subway. There was NO way I was cooking after the horrible day I had. Not to mention I got home after 7. D had McDonald's and I had subbie way. Turkey on Wheat loaded with lettuce and baked lays. I also had one of my bunny bars.
WEDNESDAY-- I cheated... big time. We had Mexican sooo I ordered what's called the Jalisco special. I thought it was just rice, cheese, chicken, with onions and peppers... but it also had steak and shrimp. I did a poor job reading that description. It came with 3 tortillas... yeah I pretty much ate it all. To top it off I had a JR. Frosty Dairy Dessert. EEEP! I'll walk extra tomorrow.

Today hasn't been that great either and I know with May just around the corner (literally) that the rest of my days and weeks will ONLY get harder. Please keep your fingers crossed that I find a DECENT summer job. :o) So far.. not so good.

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