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15 April 2008

Hello Again!

I AM alive and my house Is complete!! Well, mostly. We only lack small things like trim and changing out doorknobs and outlets! WoooHoo!!! We KILLED ourselves and I am so proud of the work we completed! I seriously cannot believe we got so much done. We.... Repainted our Bedroom Painted the Half Bath Sanded and Painted the cabinets in the half bath Painted the hallway Installed light fixtures in computer room and half bath New fixtures for half and full bath NEW counter tops, sink and faucet!!!!!!!! (that I LOVE) Listen to this.. I literally had a FIVE inch sink before.. my new SEVEN inches feels like a 10 inch difference! I love it. Sanded and painted all kitchen cabinets Bought new furniture & a new bedspread (and lots of fun kitchen gadgets!!) Changed what outlets we could.. the store was all out of outlets! lol. My father in law helped the with changing of faucets and kitchen work... THANK GOD! I am so grateful for everything he's done to help us get our house complete. I really wanted to paint faux bricks on one wall in our living room... so I did. However, I HATED it so I had to paint over them :( I painted red bricks and it really needs khaki bricks. Some weekend I will paint them up there. I also need to make curtains for every room. I do apologize for the week long hiatus it seems I took, however, as you can tell we were VERY busy. Yesterday at school I swear I fell asleep a few times. lol. Actually, I almost did. In the afternoon I work one on one with a few kids and I was so tired my speech was slurred and the poor kid just kept looking at me like I was a crazy lady. I need to rest last night. I was asleep by 8PM! :o)
Lets talk about food! I didn't keep track of anything I ate last week since eating was so hurried. Also, we were eating at our kitchen table with all sorts of junk on it, so the pictures would have looked horrible. I think I only ate breakfast maybe twice all week since I was eager to get work. Mind you, don't think we slept in either. I think the LATEST we slept was 8:30. ugh. Anyhow We ate fast food all week and I ate sensibly... grilled chicken salads, a burger and a salad, Pizza and a salad.. a sub with baked chips. Of course some days I just didn't want a salad so I'd have a hot dog and fries, pizza and bread sticks. Because I remained cautious-- I managed to lose a pound! WOW! haha. However eating that way made me start to CRAVE those foods again. So I am having a hard time eating my broccoli and such for lunch again.
TODAY For breakfast I had a whole wheat Eggo and peanut butter sammie. I have no photo because I was running late to work and had to pull over and let my car defrost, I was a mess this AM. Lunch: Back to normal I suppose! A deli chicken sammie on Whole Wheat Bread, broccoli, grapes, and yogurt with fiber one. You see pictured a mug with tea. I didn't drink this because our microwave at work is gross and I didn't want to heat up water in it. I was scared that the water might take on the smell of the microwave and that just grossed me out pretty bad. For a snack, I had a mini Zone Chocolate Peanut Butter bar, and while getting groceries I had a Zone Banana Nut Fruit bar. The fruit bar wasn't so bad.
You might be wondering about my bite plate from the dentist. I was scheduled to go back last Friday and pick it up. However the dentist HIMSELF called to let me know the company who was making it was running behind. They called today to let me know it was in. I can tell it's REALLY going to help a lot. I've noticed at night I clench my jaw and bite down VERY hard. No wonder my jaw hurts so bad. I am excited to wear it tonight. Okay kids, I need to unpack groceries and get dinner going for tonight! I will add pictures after dinner :o) I am glad to be back on track!! So sweet to read messages and know I was missed. Oh no, I didn't let what I was eating stop me from posting, I was literally SO busy all day long.. I just didn't have time to stop and post since it takes 3o minutes to an hour to do a full post complete with pictures. Haha.. I aM SURE if I wouldn't type so much that it would only take 15 minutes! haha.

Here I am looking LOVELY painting the hallway! haha. I wore these clothes ALL week. I had to wash them EVERY night, that was a chore in it self. Speaking of laundry I think I did something like 9 loads last week!

Half Bath Before:

Half Bath Now--- Notice the litter kwitter on the floor!! Wooo!! The litter kwitter is now on the toilet so they are learning to use it!

Living Room Before--This is the day we moved in so nothing was set up.

Living Room Now--- it still needs art and faux bricks. I'll keep you updated.

Kitchen BEFORE:

Actually, it looked worse than this! IF you can believe it! We put all new appliances in the day we moved in. Before that they were horrible white appliances. In this photo, I had already painted the walls

The kitchen NOW! I love everything about this kitchen from my little spice cabinet to the antique table!! I loove it!

I will add more pictures later! I forgot to take the bedroom and bathroom pictures. Oh yes, we've changed the front around as well. We have more work to do on it. I'll keep ya posted for sure! :o)


Lean meat patties with brown rice and sauteed broccoli. I made D a cheeseburger and easy fries. He was happy since he hates broccoli. For dessert I had 2 Dove Rich Dark Chocolates with Almond candies. Yummy!! :o)

Notice my new cutie melamine salt and pepper shakers. I love melamine !


sassy said...

Oh, your kitchen is stunning!

I have always wanted an eat in kitchen so of course, had to buy a house that doesn't have one. Maybe next time!

BTW, it's good to see you having a whole sammie for lunch instead of half....just doesn't seem enough for anyone :)

steff. said...

Aww thanks! I looove our kitchen now! I hope I never move! lol I don't want a next time. We have a decent amount of land so we can expand this house someday!

I don't like to eat a whole sammie because it makes me TOO full and I feel bloated the rest of the day! but sometimes It's good I know.