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21 April 2008

Monday Monday!

Let me just say it again... It's SO good to feel better again!!

I am still not back in the habit of taking pictures of my food again.. sorry. Now things are CRAZY at work. If you're from KY you know all about CATS testing... so you feel my pain. It's the standaridized tests the kids must take at the end of the year... CRAZY! haha.


For dinner last night I went over to my parents house since D was working. My dad grilled out chicken and steak! I had half a piece of steak and a half piece of chicken along with sauteed broccoli and brown rice. Sooo good. I like to have steak whenever it's available... and I don't have to pay for it! haha. I love it. I also used A-1 for dipping and made my own honey mustard using Dijon mustard and honey. Yummy!! Of course the leftovers doubled as my lunch today!!


Breakfast---- Banana oaties!! sooo good! I have missed my sweet oaties!

Lunch, like I said was a repeat of last nights breakfast. I don't have a picture of my lunch because I left the camera at home and because I was eating with 19 loud, rude 8th graders. I completely forgot to use my cell phone. Oh well.. You saw (or will see) what I had last night... so that should do!

I also forgot to pack a snack this morning so I had to wait until 4 to have a snack! I was starvin' marvin! haha!! I had 2 blueberry Eggo's with sugar free syrup. :o)

This afternoon... well right now I am going for a walk. I love spring (minus the sunshine.) The temperature is GREAT. Just throw me some clouds.. that's all.
See ya later!!

(i'll add pictures when I get back.. well probably after dinner)

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