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20 April 2008


Have strep throat was absolutely horrible. horrible. I think it was so bad because it was unknown territory for me. I am used to getting sinus infections and I know what to expect with those. I know how to self medicate and exactly what I need to feel better. With this I had no idea what to expect. Anyhoo.. three days in bed (or in recliner really) did the trick! Along with an antibiotic and gargling with peroxide as well! I am just glad to be feeling better. I am making these little monsters use germX like crazy from now on. I am already a germX I guess I will move up into dictator status?! I don't know. All I know is that I hope it's 2030 before I ever get strep throat again!!! :o)

I have also eaten enough Campbell's noodle soup to last me the rest of the year. Today I was glad to eat real food again! For breakfast I had TWO blueberry Eggo's with sugar free syrup and a little powdered sugar. These will be a SATURDAY breakfast ONLY!! I ate them around 9:00 and by 11:30 I was ready to eat D's arm. No. Really. Lunch was a mess... no comment... so I ended up having peanut butter and simply fruit Black Raspberry jelly on LIGHT honey wheat bread. I. Love. This. Bread!!!! They were out of my Double fiber Bread, so I settled for this. It's wonderful!!! It's soft and delicious! I love Nature's Own Breads. Anyhow... I also had a land o lakes colby jack wedge and a banana. Yum. A typical grade school lunch! haha. :o) Hopefully dinner will be more sophisticated. We'll see!!

I am GLAD to be up and running again and hope to get back to some sort of schedule! With Spring Break and being sick I am a mess!!

Hope all is well everyone!

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