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02 April 2008

I'm so glad...

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Well, it's my Friday since we don't have school Thursday. I had a REALLY good day today! I think it's the lack of sleep though. I just remembered I left something VERY important at school.... dang.


Breakfast: Banana Oaties! Banana & oats... that's all besides you know the drill kids! I took a picture of this.. but it's missing?!

Lunch: My lunch was cute today.. eating out of these little containers! When my Mom and I were in Clarksville she bought a Butterball Turkey and we split it! I had 4 oz of the turkey, broccoli, and jell-o with cool whip! Sooo yum! Alan also gave me a Dove Dark Chocolate with almonds. You know how Dove chocolates have little sayings on the inside. Here's what they said:

This was mine---
This was His and he said, "aww that's sweet." My comeback was "Yeah, you're not married are you?" ha!

Snacks: While at work I had a strawberry yogurt with Fiber One Cereal! Great combo, you know!! We left for Russellville AS SOON as I got home. I had just enough time to grab 1.5 T of peanut butter and hit the road!! I also had a gala apple. The apple you see pictured was for my lunch. However, I saved it for my snack this afternoon. I saw no need to take another picture of the same apple!

Dinner: When in Russellville with my MOM--- we eat at SolAzteca, or as I like to call it Sol-az-Mexican. Ether way, it's good eats! I had 12 chips and salsa. Now this is the salsa we shared of course. I ordered Fajita Nachos-no chips- on lettuce. They kind of got it confused by putting the lettuce on top, but that's fine. The cheese was VERY watery and kind of gross. I also forgot to order it without tomatoes which could have accounted for some of the wateriness. Maybe? I don't know. Anyway since it was just not so great, I ordered some tortillas to go along with it! This really made it! I had two little tacos. I wish that we had healthier restaurants around here, but in small Kentucky Towns you make what you have work. I have no whole foods, no nothing around here. :( It's sad really.

FRIDAY ---->
Blah banana oatie breakfast. haha. Sorry I am so boring in the mornings.
Lunch: 1/2 slice Black Forrest Ham on Whole Wheat bread (not Double Fiber because D is SO sick of it. I decided we will switch out breads every other time I'm at Sam's), broccoli, and a new yogurt with fiber one! ( I did NOT eat all of that fiber one! That's enough for three yogurts!) Ohh if only this was a good yogurt. It was runny and TOO sweet!! I am SO mad because I bought TWELVE of these!! I got a pack of twelve for 4.48 whereas 4 of my usual yogurts are 2.28. Ugh. The new yogurts have less calories & carbs but more carb and sugar. I decided the trade off would be fine for a bit. I was wrong. I hope hope hope D likes them! You also see 2 oz of turkey pictured, but I didn't eat it afterall. Oh yes! I had another chocolate! eep! here's what mine said today:
Snack: At school I had one of my GOOD yogurts with Fiber One Cereal. When I got home I had 2 T of peanut butter. Sorry there are no pictures. I've had a BUSY crazy day and just plum forgot!!

This evening I had felt HORRIBLE all of a sudden! I have been stressing myself out getting ready to work on our house next week. I think everything finally caught up to me. I was exhausted and physically sick! I took a nap and around 9:30 D made me a bacon, egg, cheese sammie on a whole wheat muffin. I am SO ready for the week to be over so we can complete our house!!!!


sassy said...

I love the guy with the jazz hands in the pic of your apple.

steff. said...

Sarah.. is that the right name?! haha I am HORRIBLE with names. The kids at school hate me for it. Anyhow.. yeah that's my friend Alan, I told him he was going to be in the picture and to "pose". This is what I got!