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27 April 2008

And the weekend is over :(

Like everyone else in the world I LOVE the weekends and am always sad to see them go. Gosh.. where do I even begin to recap the last FOUR days?! I saw we skip Thursday and Friday, since they were work days and you know my routine by now and shoot to Saturday and today. Wait.. for lunch Friday I added an EGG ROLL from the cafeteria and Mmm!! It was well worth it! That would be the only change to my normal regime.

LOVE Saturdays. We did something Friday night that meant we didn't get to bed until late. Obviously it wasn't that fun because I can't remember what it was. I only mention this because I was planning to to yard sales Saturday but didn't think I would because I got to bed so late. The early bird came to visit me though!! I was up and ready to go buy stuff I didn't need! I did just that. Yard Sale monies spent: 4.75! Woo! I bought 12 dessert plates, a vase, a darling antique white bowl and an end table that needs some TLC. Snazzy.
Once I returned from the sales, I had banana rama chocolate oaties. Of course they were good. I have NOT kicked blue berries to the curb! oh no.. I can just never FIND them at the store. The rest of Hopkinsville must be on the South Beach diet (they use blueberries a lot) and so I can never find them. Frankly I became annoyed that I could never get them and stopped putting them on my shopping list all together. As for strawberries... Wal-Mart's are always gross looking and Kroger never has them when I go shopping. EVERYONE always has bananas!!

Lunch was SO GOOD. For Spring Break week, I bought Morning Star Veggie Corn dogs but never ate them since we ate out practically all week. Let me tell you... these are WONDERFUL. They taste JUST like regular corn doggies. I plan to try more things from the morning star line!! For dessert: a black raspberry blue bunny light bar or something like that.

I had a Mint Chocolate ZONE for a snack. OH YES!! I GOT CHOCOLATE PEPERMINY STICK LUNA BARS FOR TEN CENTS A BAR! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! You have to know me to appreciate this. I am a BARGAIN shopper, a coupon clipper, super saver of a gal. However.. ANYONE would be excited about this find!!

Dinner was Cracker Barrel. What do I ALWAYS get at CB? Let the pictures do the talking.

I always find the weirdest things at Cracker Barrel. I swear these are the result of an LSD trip GONE bad!!


I didn't feel like chocolate banana or banana cinnalove soooooo I made Brown Sugar/Cinnamon, banana love oaties. SO GOOD. my NEW FAVORITE!!! Very filling and DELISH!

For a quick snack before going to C-ville.. I grabbed a Land O Lakes Co/jack square and about five of my new almond crisp crackers. I will have to find out what these are REALLY called later! haha.

Lunch & Dinner: We went to Rafferty's since my entire family likes it. I ordered the club sammie with a baked potato and a house salad.
Here's my lunch portion (I only ate 1/2 of the potato) ----PICTURES WILL BE ADDED ONCE I RECIEVE THEM FROM MY CAMERA PHONE--------

and my dinner (minus the honey mustard and with I can't Belive it's Not Butter Spray)

and my dinner dessert!!

Feels good to be back on track AND have the house looking nice. Here's what I've been working on this weekend AND pictures of the bedroom. Enjoy!! Thanks by the way for the sweet comments about my personal pictures!! Amanda.. I WISH we could fly to Portland TOMORROW!!! I know we'll never want to leave!! eeep! Do you have room for us and two more cats?!

Much love.

1 comment:

sassy said...

That cat on your bed is a giant!! It's gorgous and fat and fluffy. I ended up with the skinny malinky cats..oh well.

I am terrified of that tree with a face. Crazy!

It was only last year that I found out corn dogs have no!! I thought they were like corn fritters on a stick that Americans liked to eat. Here we call them a variety of things, like battered sav, dagwood dog or sausage on a stick. My son loves them and I finally found a supermarket that sells them for $1.40 each. I wish we had the vegetarian version here, then I would be happy.