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28 April 2008

the simple life.

This is what I want. A life of sewing and simplicity. I can dream right?

To start this not so simple Monday off, I had chocolate banana oaties that I ate at work so they were cold. To my surprise they were good cold! I mean I don't want to eat cold oats PURPOSEFULLY.. but if I had to again, it would be okay.

Lunch-- SAME OLE BORING LUNCH I ALWAYS HAVE. There were some rainbow goldfish in my mailbox today so I had those as well :o)

Snack-- Well my TEN cent Luna bar of course!!

Once I got home from school and the DR I had oh about 7 of those almond crisps, cheese and a scoop of peanut butter. I then did some laundry Watched Top Chef that I taped, talked to my Papa, STARTED my blog and oh! I fell asleep. As soon as I hit the chair I must have gotten cozy because I woke up later with the laptop in my lap! haha. Needless to say at 7:15 when I woke up I wasn't cooking dinner. D brought home McDonald's which was just smelly gross. I threw together a quick salad and had a burgie. I am addicted to these Blue bunny light creamy black raspberry bars!! Mmm! They're WONDERFUL!! Now off to find fabric to make these curtains!! Wish me luck!

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