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17 April 2008


I have strep throat?!
What's going on here!! I have been sick more in 2008 than I have been in YEARS! I think Dr. Bressler is going to put me on allergy shots. I have a check up in 9 days and he'll make that decision then. Anyhow.. I feel like poo. I haven't had strep throat since MIDDLE school sooo I plan to just sleep a lot. Sweet dreams and stick with me! I promise I will be up and running soon!


sassy said...

Hope your feeling better soon. Sore throats suck!
Hubby swears by lemon and honey drink but that stuff makes me feel sicker:)

Stephanie said...

I know! I hate honey lemon things! The kids at school always have honey lemon cough drops and just the smell makes me gag!