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05 April 2008


Our bedroom is going to be beautiful! We LOVE the color. When we bought the house last May, we painted it this horrible bright blue D picked out. I instantly HATED it but he wanted to give it a try. A woman always knows better. lol. Oh well, it's fixed now with new trim paint and everything. We still need to put the furniture back in and hang pictures. Therefore I'll show YOU pics tomorrow! :o)

Lunch was decent today. I made a grilled sammie using NODF Wheat Bread, Fat FREE cheese, and my Deli Chicken. The sammie was very soggy. so gross. I decided the cheese played a factor there as my sammies are never soggy. D thought it was the bread. Well, the cheese tasted HORRIBLE, so I grilled the bread FIRST, added regular cheese, the meat from the soggy sammie (no need to waste that!) and grilled it again. Much, much better. I also had green peppers, grapes, and one of D's fig cookies. Pretty decent little lunch. ( I just remembered these pics were taken with D's camera phone sooo I will post them tomorrow!)

Even though lunch turned out good.. I was starving a few hours later so I had a ZONE bar. Peanut butter Chocolate something. I purposefully took the picture with all the paint supplies in the background so you could feel the mood of our house this week! haha. Anyhow, around 5:00 we were both hungry so I made little Kashi TLC, pb, and cheese open cracker sammies. Mmm. These are my NEW favorite snack!!
After painting the room and doing other things around the house, the LAST thing I felt like doing was messing up a lot of dishes for dinner. D has never had the pita pizzas, so we made some. I really wanted a green pepper and mushroom one, but the mushrooms were bad so I settled for a pepperoni one using 8 peperoni's. D's pepperoni pizza used oh about 20?! I don't know. He LOVES pepperoni. It was great! This time I broiled it on LOW for a bit and then popped it to high for about a minute. Perfectly crispy and gooey. I could hardly taste the pepperoni which was upsetting because it's just wasted calories and fat. At least I know for next time! I had a bit of green peppers with my pizza and water with lime. I found a lime in hidden away in the fridge! A sweet surprise! My FAVORITE soda is diet coke with lime... so water with lime is my newest treat. Sometimes I order lime with my water in restaurants as well. Okay, okay... for dessert I had sugar free white chocolate pudding with 1/4 T of mini sweets. I also snuck one bite of D's friend ice cream! Ahhh! I love this stuff. It was SUPER sweet after eating my pudding though. OKAY guys.. I need to finish this room so I have somewhere to sleep! See ya in the AM! :o)

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